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    What grade would you give the hire of Dawn Plitzuweit?

    This is an A hire for me. Coach P has an impressive track record at all of her stops.
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    Grace Grocholski Commits to Gophers!

    Yup. I saw her Tweet a little while ago. This is a huge addition. Welcome to Minnesota, Grace!!
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    1976-1977 Gopher Basketball -- My favorite team

    Thanks for posting this. My pops always talked about how great that 76-77 Golden Gopher squad was, even to this day. And it is crazy to think, we could have had Mark Olberding and Mark Landsberger on that squad. Holy smokes!! That would have been a lethal lineup.
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    Pete Carril, Hall of Fame coach who developed Princeton offense, dies at 92

    RIP, Coach Carril. One of the games all-time great coaches. I still remember, and thanks to YouTube, the game against the Hoyas, when Princeton (#16 seed) shocked the world. They gave Georgetown (#1 seed) a run for their money. Princeton lost the game, but they made it tough for the Hoyas. RIP...
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    STrib: Gophers Best Recruiting Class Lands on Campus

    Very excited. New players. New energy. Fresh start. Let's go, Gophers!!
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    Summer Workouts 2022

    I know that it is summer workouts, but I am loving the energy and positive vibes. Loving the high fives.
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    Deja Winters invited to Aces training camp

    Congrats and best wishes, Deja.
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    Carly Thibault-Dudonis Named Fairfield Head Coach

    Congrats, Coach!! Wishing you all the best
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    2023 Recruiting

    Congrats to ladies picking the Gophers or going elsewhere. Coach Whalen and her staff are out there working hard and doing their best. We get who we get and wish the rest the best of luck at their school of choice. Go, Gophers!
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    Reusse: Despite Pushback Chris Voelz Made the U Better

    Great article. Thanks for sharing.
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    UPDATE: Jasmine Powell Leaves Team: Transfers to Tennessee

    That Lady Vols roster is going to be packed!
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    Alexia Smith entering the portal ?

    Saw this on another basketball forum. Whatever reason, I wish Alexia the best on her future plans. That transfer portal has to be pushing 1,000 players by now. Should be some players in there that want to come to Minnesota. I always notice how when a player enters the transfer portal, some...
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    Reusse: Holly Rowe Brings Passion and Professionalism

    Great article. Yeah you can tell that players and coaches just have a powerful respect for Holly Rowe. Her zoom interviews are always fun, entertaining, and insightful. Holly just brings that authentic vibe to every interview. I am sure she has some that may have been cringeworthy but overall...
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    Sara Scalia enters the transfer portal

    Wow. Another kick in the gut. This one really hurts but you always wish the players the best on their next move. Hopefully the incoming group of freshmen players do not get cold feet. See what we can get in the transfer portal if we get anyone. If not, we strap up with the players we have and go...
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    Notable Coaching Changes 2022

    I remember she took a leave a year ago. Hopefully one of her assistants apply for the coaching job.
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    Gopher 22-23 Transfer Portal Needs/Watch List

    There are some quality players, listed and those not listed, in that transfer portal. The key question is, how aggressive will our coaching/recruiting effort be for those players that could help the program? Then, once we land those players, the coaches have to do whatever they can (legally) in...
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    Game 8: Gophers Host Bradley (11/26/21)

    Great article. Good luck out there, Gophers. Happy Thanksgiving.

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