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    Goal Line Club?

    From what I recall, they had to stop using Williams due to some change with the facility/university on that space and the cost and/or the staffing required. I don't think they had a suitable location for the pregame parties once that happened.
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    Postgame Thread: Gophers Lose to North Carolina

    Never been more down on the program??? That's a total joke. This guy born in 2019? Sorry but that's some of the worst hyperbole I've ever seen on this board.
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    Postgame Thread: Gophers Lose to North Carolina

    You're an absolute fucking tool. Your parents should be ashamed for making you.
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    Ended up at a club with a bunch of Duke students until 2am. The 🍄 worked! Never too old for a good time. Let's f-ing clean some clocks out there today! Go Gophers!
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    Uni Watch

    It's chrome dome (with running Goldy), white jersey and maroon pants. Love it!
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    Darius Taylor, welcome to RB1

    We are only 2 games in. Plenty of time for him to make his way onto the field
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    North Carolina vs South Carolina

    Great test for Rossi's defense!
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    Excited for a CBS game at the Bank

    I love Gus, but his habit of mispronouncing names or calling people the complete wrong name is getting a bit annoying
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    Gambling Corner, Week 1

    Lots of talk about Texas Tech -13.5
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    Buffs - Coach Prime

    CU is not too far off from the U in academics. Are you implying their players won't have to attend general student population classes? And by "buy players" you mean like 75% of the P5 programs are currently doing?
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    Buffs - Coach Prime

    This must be an excruciating time for you to be alive.
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    Excited for a CBS game at the Bank

    Definitely a good chance next season when CBS is all Big Ten games. It's still mixed this year with SEC
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    Buffs - Coach Prime

    Either way, it's not a horrible job. It's just been dormant for 20 years
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    Buffs - Coach Prime

    Bad facilities? They built an extremely nice practice facility just a few years ago.
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    A game of inches, a legend is born.

    Just ordered one myself!
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    Lindenberg Watch

    PJ said he will be back soon. It happened about a week ago. I bet they sit him for EMU and have him for UNC
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    A game of inches, a legend is born.

    Really special. And the fact that he overcame some drops early to be so so clutch when it absolutely mattered says so much about him. Love DJ!
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    A game of inches, a legend is born.

    His move to get there and get open was just NASTY. Shook that dude hard.

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