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    Harbough method of rotating running backs

    I didn't like the way PJ used Mo and it looks like Taylor is going to be following the same kind of usage. I don't think it's good for the player or the team. I realize PJ gets paid the big bucks to make that decision and I'm just throwing my opinion against a wall, but it's an issue (IMO).
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    All Things 2023-2024 Minnesota Timberwolves In-Season Thread

    Yeah, I've seen the Clippers thrown around but they kind of remind me of when the Knicks were floated around. They don't have anything to make the trade - they have expiring contracts and a first round pick in 5 years. It's also a weird way to describe Jrue Holiday "Holiday grew up in Los...
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    All Things 2023 Minnesota Timberwolves Off-Season Thread

    I know it's just the offseason but alright, this got my pumped.
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    All Things 2023-2024 Minnesota Timberwolves In-Season Thread

    I'm sure Jrue Holiday ends up in either Portland or Miami now for about 1/2 the cost. I'm not so sure that isn't the better play. Holiday/Butler backcourt would be a terror.
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    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    We pay him $6 million per year with extremely reasonable expectations. There are not 30 jobs better than Minnesota and there are not 10 jobs that could pay him anywhere near what we pay him that would be interested in him.
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    Darius Taylor - Minnesota

    Congress did not duck those issues, they were decided on whether or not certain laws violated the Constitution. Congress could only weigh in by amending the Constitution (nearly impossible). Other than issues of whether or not something violates the Constitution, Congress should decide what...
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    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    It's actually a tipping point in all sports. The professional sports love parity because it keeps all of their fans engaged as much as possible. College football is treading into some strange territory where they are intentionally dissolving some of the things that make it great (conferences...
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    I am buying it. Twisting is just a guy who is a big fan of Rockraven but decided to start posting while Rockraven was banned for the 14th time. He is such a fan of Rockraven that he decided to copy his writing style, hot takes, and even his grammatical errors. This completely checks out. If...
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    Marcus - 5 things to know

    I think a lot of our success will come down to the number of minutes we play people either completely out of position at the wing. That killed our offense last year and really did much things up for Payne and Garcia. I love the fact that we have two guys who appear capable of playing point. I...
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    Actors vote to strike - Hollywood shuts down

    I think the writers and actors are in a similar position to RBs in the NFL. The world has changed with online content and their leverage is just not what it used to be. I also kind of figured they would come to a deal when the NFL season started. In 2023, the vast majority of people can find...
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    Play to win, PJ

    The loss was inexcusable, but he made some amazing NFL caliber throws.
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    How do you cope with Gopher disappointment? I broaden my view to the wider B1G. You?

    Yep, I'm in the exact same boat. In my 20s, I was at the Michigan collapse and it was hard for me to sleep for days - seriously. In my 30s, I was single without kids. It would really piss me off but I'd go out with buddies and eventually laugh it off. I'm now 41 with two kids, and it put me in...
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    How do you cope with Gopher disappointment? I broaden my view to the wider B1G. You?

    And he's here asking for help from a group of people clearly addicted to getting our balls kicked.
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    Louisiana vs. Minnesota

    I hope you all have a good time and win or loss, we only ask 1 thing of our guests. Please join in on the We Hate Iowa chant. It's really important for us, and the world in general, if we can come together and hate Iowa. A couple of tips: (1) I have been away from Mpls for awhile but was back...
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    PMac: Fleck — no hyperbole — is one of the worst in-game Power-5 coaches in the country. He can recruit & market a program. But in-game hes a disaster

    I've had the misfortune of listening to Phil Mackey, he does not watch college football. His statement might not be hyperbole, but it is based on pure ignorance. I think PJ has had some terrible moments and for the first time since we hired him I am questioning if he is the right guy for the...
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    Year 7, one of the most pathetic losses in my 45 years.

    Sure, but that’s not exactly pining for Claeys.
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    Year 7, one of the most pathetic losses in my 45 years.

    I mean, the poster said that we would be in the same position now if we hadn’t fired Claeys. Saying last game was no better than a kick in the balls is not pining to have your balls kicked.
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    As bad as the metrodome meltdowns were, they were usually to decent teams. This is a really bad Northwestern football team and we were up 21. As bad as it gets.

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