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    Darius Taylor through Three Games

    He is a nice find. He needs to keep his pads lower; he runs a bit too upright.
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    All Things P.J. Fleck Rumor Mill Thread - Listed as Candidate for Other Jobs

    Compared to the descriptions of the other possible candidates citing PJ for "bringing stability" is pretty vanilla. I see MSU as an institution a snake pit compared to MN.
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    AK... Do I have this correct?

    First game against a ranked team with a celebrated QB on the opposing team and an away game. It is a bit early to say the sky is falling.
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    After 3 Weeks the West is Still Wide Open

    Most of the posters on this topic are wasting time in their day jobs because of their ability to accurately predict the future based on very limited data could make them instant millionaires at the casinos.
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    Fleck on his decision to punt late in game

    PJ knew MN was going to lose and he thought punting would keep the losing margin respectable. It turned out not to work. Image is everything for PJ.
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    What is the number one change you'd make to the cuurrent program?

    Patience, this schedule is tougher than last year's, and the next year's with the West Coast teams coming in may also be a real challenge. It will be apparent in a couple of years if PJ is the coach that will get MN into the playoffs and if not is the AD satisfied with mediocrity?
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    On the plus side, UNC fans are the nicest ever

    OMG, NE fans are delegated to a lower class than the NC fans.
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    Week 3 Other Games Thread

    To change the subject a bit the TN/FL game was interesting. Mertz led the underdog FL to victory over #10 TN. TN was down two possessions in the last two minutes as FL ran out the clock. With 10 seconds to play FL had the ball with a 4th down. The TN players on the bench headed to the locker...
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    Chip: Fleck was miffed that a handful of players suffered cramps, calling the number "too many."

    Intense pre-season conditioning and in-game hydration with electrolyte solution reduces the number of players with cramps.
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    Postgame Thread: Gophers Lose to North Carolina

    A new QB, RB, and OL, and aged hobbled veterans at WR and TE who did poorly. PJ is rigid in his philosophy of clock control. The season's first game against a good team and an away game. So the loss should not be a shock. The conference schedule, which is the only W/L record that counts, is...
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    Media Prediction Thread: Minnesota at North Carolina

    AppalachST showed NC can be beaten.
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    After Gophers paid $800,000 to bail, series against North Carolina back on

    Frost wanted to back out from the OK game but his AD told him no.
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    Gophers and Ga. Southern game times and DRINKING!

    I presume that I am alone in being annoyed that the refugee from the Deep South has to use very large and bold fonts to make a point.
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    Most cost effective way to watch Gopher Football at home.

    I thought my broadband (300+Mbps) that was bundled with my Sprectum account would increase when I stopped the Sprectum cable TV but they actually decreased the cost.
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    Most cost effective way to watch Gopher Football at home.

    We switched to YTTV years ago when the cost was a fraction of what Charter/Spectrum was charging for the full sports package that YTTV offered. YTTV allows three TVs to be used at one time so we were able to dump DirecTV at the lake and use YTTV. We have just have enough internet speed at the...
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    STrib: Gophers QB recruit Drake Lindsey fires four touchdown passes with P.J. Fleck watching him

    The only person whose evaluation of the kid that counts is PJ's. Who cares how many stars that he is given?
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    How do you feel about the NC game?

    Playing a ranked team before the conference games start, with a head coach in his seventh year, a new QB, and OL will tell a lot about how far this program has come. Obviously, conference games mean more because the West is there for the picking but to get ranked and to help recruiting, beating...
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    Mel Tucker DID get fired. With cause.

    Am I the only one who considers "phone sex" pathetic and sad?
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    Indiana pays $1mil to opt out of playing Louisville

    How much did MN pay to avoid NC a few years ago?
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    Thoughts on West and Conference as a whole after 2 weeks

    Things will become more clear in a week or two. Can the MN defense slow down the NC offense? Can IA beat teams that have an offense that can score against them? Will Fickell tell Tressel to fix the defense or hit the road? How long will Ruhl stick with a turnover-machine QB?

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