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    All Things 2022 Minnesota Twins In-Season Thread

    Sano. 4Ks today. My guess is we get 3 minor league prospects
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    EXCLUSIVE: College football players are unionizing, and the first chapter will be at Penn State.

    Wouldn’t the players have to be employees of the university in order to have bargaining power? If so are they considered as professionals being that they receive payment and bennies?
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    All Things 2023 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Bens job is to get Chatman or guys as good or better no matter the zip code.
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    USA Today "The 10 Worst Fan Bases in Sports," #9 Notre Dame, #8 Texas

    And many Iowa fans say Gopher fans are worst. INME, Madison takes the prize hands down
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    All Things 2022 Minnesota Twins In-Season Thread

    Yep NBA used to be a very good view when Magic, Bird, Havlicek, etc played. It’s gone downhill since.
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    All Things 2022 Minnesota Twins In-Season Thread

    Rico is soft, just like his players. Day off? If Buxton was a team guy he would have been ready to go and in Rico’s face. Baseball is turning into a game for losers and the fans end up cheated. I’d rather watch paint dry.
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    Taurus Samuels Commits to Gophers!!

    I expect Samuels to compete well for PG minutes. Assuming Cooper is the starter is premature.
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    After the Cooper commit: Constructing the roster.

    My opinion of him has zoomed! Too bad Ihnen doesntvhave a similar highlight film
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    TE/QB Samuel Pickerign to perform at halftime of Spring Game

    Good for him. It’s always interesting to learn about the talents of Gopher playets
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    All Things Dawson Garcia Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020): UPDATED: Gophers Offered

    BJ needs to reel in a quality PG transfer which could sweeten the deal for Garcia. The program needs a boost and what a great push if he stays home.
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    2022 Transfer Portal Discussion

    According to Mn Rivals he’s a Badger
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    2022 NCAA Tournament Thread

    Miami guards must really like playing their system
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    2022 NCAA Tournament Thread

    Robbins/Vandy leading Xavier on ESPN
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    All Things 2022 Minnesota Vikings Off-Season Thread

    Who let the dogs out!!!! Time to unleash. Now let’s trade Cook for some solid interior OL
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    Gabe Kalscheur appreciation thread

    He was my fav Gopher. Did so many things well just like today

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