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    Fleck has lost his hunger/edge

    Something isn’t right. Our staff seems distracted. I wouldn’t be surprised if that distraction isn’t the MSU job.
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    Week 4 Other Games Thread

    Flip Dixon looks list on D for Rutgers
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    Week 4 Other Games Thread

    Kirk C dialed in at the Big House.
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    They did so with 28 versus 32. Problem is, with less teams you have less flexibility. You’ll then have the next layer of teams that will get beat up. Osseo, White Bear, Buffalo etc. the District would have 12-18 teams with your rationale. Burnsville v Park is a good match up. Burnsville v...
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    Steve Hamilton has done an incredible job at Elk River, in Georgia, and Michigan. Part of his success has been his ability to implement the Power T offense and get student-athletes to buy into a non-passing offense. Not to hijack this thread, but could a D1 program implement the Power T and...
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    Wayzata was terrible for years before their current coach came in had success almost immediately.
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    Ol Jerry's health... an issue again

    The word in his coaching circle is that she tired of an indiscretion at TCU. Very sad.
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    Maranatha works hard at Basketball. There’s more movement there than the running back position post Mo. (that looks like it might change)
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    MSU Mel Tucker involved in Harassment Case

    I’m reminded by stories like these what sheltered naive life I live. Let the firing countdown begin. Jay Johnson the next HC?
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    How many time has he said,”running it up their butts?” Talking like he’s on the morning show
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    Mankato West makes a statement. Irondale with 2 D1 players and continue to be awful.
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    Week 2 Other Games Thread

    Where’s Ky Thomas?
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    It's a long standing assumption as to why Hopkins basketball is successful and football isn't. Hopkin's best basketball teams have had a number of nonresidents / transfers. And it may be a poorly written attempt at humor...
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    Have they won a quarterfinal game ever? Hence easy section… Hopkins need to encourage their basketball athletes to play football or require their basketball coach to recruit like he does for basketball.

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