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    OL Grades - Northwestern

    Only if you end up with fewer points at the end of the game.
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    And to the same player, same side of the field!
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    Year 7, one of the most pathetic losses in my 45 years.

    Feel bad for the kid. This screenshot shows nicely how the goal line may have been mistaken for the 5 yard line. And end zone that’s not painted with a background color could be confusing to visiting teams.
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    PMac: Fleck — no hyperbole — is one of the worst in-game Power-5 coaches in the country. He can recruit & market a program. But in-game hes a disaster

    Happens plenty in early season games when it’s pretty hot especially since it was an away game, late afternoon, a time zone ahead. Was cooler in MSP the week before. No need for conspiracy to explain. It happens sometimes.
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    P.J. Fleck on Darius Taylor in OT - "The trainer pulled him out. We'll figure it out as we move forward."

    I didn’t say they could prove no correlation with this study, although they discussed exactly my point about selection/survivor bias now that I took a look at the second paper. Moreover these studies are of NFL players which, although they may only be a couple years older, represent a selection...
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    P.J. Fleck on Darius Taylor in OT - "The trainer pulled him out. We'll figure it out as we move forward."

    I don’t have time to read the studies but wonder if their data are affected by bias. There’s “survivor bias” in which those who had more carries were inherently less injury prone, whereas it doesn’t answer the question of even if you have a durable back, can you run them > 30 carries in a game...
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    Fire PJ immediately please

    Very, very few of those many wins were against ranked teams and/or Iowa/Wisconsin, no titles/B1G champ game appearances, no NY6 bowl. So, lots of wins but has not put it all together. 11-2 was great but isn’t likely to be “historic” losing to both Iowa and Wisconsin and not getting a division...
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    We Still Control Our Season

    The West is going out not with a bang, but a whimper. Not sure it would mean much to win the west as the west may be as collectively bad as it has ever been. Iowa looks awful, Wisky is pretty mediocre, Nebraska is Nebraska, Northwestern still way down despite tonight, Illinois down, Purdue way down.
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    Big Ten Title game going to Las Vegas?

    Great idea for a rotating championship game but they should really move it around to sites that are also driveable for the majority of the B1G states. Vegas seems to be an easier destination for short notice trips like the CCG. Some B1G schools have a lot of alumni such as retirees in NV/AZ/CA...
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    Markus Allen reopens recruitment…

    Early enrollment, advanced placement, COVID year plus redshirt year could make this possible (no idea what his situation is, just in general).
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    Gophers #12 on 247 2024 Team Recruiting with 19 Guys

    I think everyone knows the answer to that. If you get 19 3 star recruits by early June, it’s a nice feeling to see that high class ranking but it will drop at least 20 spots, probably more if the last few recruits are not more highly ranked.
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    USC AD resigns

    Unfortunately I think joining the B1G with its broader geographic appeal will only further help USC and UCLA recruit from the Midwest. Kids in the Midwest/Northeast B1G territory will be able to consider that they’d come back closer to home for a number of conference games where their family and...
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    Iowa, Iowa State investigating athletes gambling

    I can see the kids messing around for some easy money, but isn’t it a federal offense for athletes to fix games? Because it involves defrauding people who have bet across state lines?
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    Aaron Philo Commits!!!!

    Then why commit this early before really checking it out? I wonder if PJ’s hard sell tactics (creating sense of urgency to make a decision) sometimes creates premature commitments. More often than not it seems to stick though.
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    T Denny Sanford

    Having graduated from med school and residency at the U I would say a couple things. One is that I’m not clear how the merger would affect the med school clinical faculty. Historically academic physicians have been better protected against the pressure to produce more clinical revenue, so they...
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    T Denny Sanford

    I have seen some rumors about the U considering purchasing back UMMC to separate themselves from Fairview but this wouldn’t be financially viable. The cost to buy now compared to what they sold it for 25 years ago would be enormous. And they need to build a new hospital anyway to have enough...
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    Dual Sport Max Mcenelly of Waconia High School will wrestle for Gophers - Most Accomplished Running Back in Waconia History

    NCAA Bylaws “A counter who was not recruited (per Bylaw 15.02.9) and/or offered financial aid to participate in football and who competes in football and one or more sports (including basketball) shall be counted in football.”
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    Dual Sport Max Mcenelly of Waconia High School will wrestle for Gophers - Most Accomplished Running Back in Waconia History

    That’s why he probably won’t be playing football. He steps on the football field, then his wrestling scholarship automatically gets counted against football’s 85.
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    Tanner Morgan leads first scoring drive in Hula Bowl

    Not to mention major jet lag for probably a short trip.
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    6 years with Coach Fleck

    No doubt the Gophers program is in a better spot currently and the landscape of CFB with NIL, portal and super conferences may not be favorable to programs like Northwestern where Fitz’s recruiting job is way harder than Fleck’s. I certainly think West title banners would be raised if the...

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