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    BTN Video: How Taylor Landfair Came Back Stronger Than Ever | Minnesota Volleyball | At The Net

    I can’t figure out how she’s gone from Big Ten Player of the Year , to below average this year. Any insight?
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    Match 3: Gophers Host Texas (8-29-23)

    If Jenna W. is leading the team in the stat line, that just might mean they aren’t as powerful as initially projected. I know she is a very good player, but should she be leading the team? No disrespect to her, but I don’t think she would be number one on Minnesota .Was their loss a fluke or is...
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    At least one coach in Turkey for recruiting ….

    Does that mean we don’t have many options here in the states, or is there a superstar in Turkey? Are most of the Superstars taken in the U.S.? Anyone have some info?
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    Can anyone give an update …

    On how the scrimmage went tonight? I was planning on attending but I found out I can’t be two different places at one time. Anyone have comments?
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    Spring Season & Roster 2023

    Good to know. I was worried about her past injury resurfacing . Thanks.
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    Spring Season & Roster 2023

    So , Landfair is the only player on the team that doesn’t need reps? Doesn’t make sense to me. Did Hawaii sit out their best player?
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    Spring Season & Roster 2023

    I had asked about Landfair and her not playing the 4th and 5th sets of the opening night match against Hawaii. I see she was the only player to play just one set in match number two. Are we sure she’s 100%?
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    Spring Season & Roster 2023

    Is it concerning that Landfair didn’t play the entire match?Does anyone know why? What about Sydney Schnichels?
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    Phoebe Awoleye transfers in - NEW MIDDLE!!!

    Check this out..
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    Not much of a loss….

    You did a good job of reading between the lines. Total positive team chemistry of all players and staff is critical to being the best you can be. Players need to trust that everyone on the team has each others back.
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    Not much of a loss….

    We will be much better off in the end. Some are concerned about certain transfers that have taken place. One thing is for certain is: Those who decide to transfer to Wisconsin will actually help our volleyball program in the end. We will benefit, trust me, we are in good hands.
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    Can someone explain

    How will Coach Cook’s system compare to Hugh’s ? Will he run the same type as Minnesota, or much different? What system did he run at Washington? Anyone with a clear explanation and understanding please respond. Thanks
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    Can someone explain….

    Why we seem to be moving so slow with getting transfers from the portal. Jade Demps just transfered to LSU . Not that we were going to recruit her, but I’m personally surprised that we haven’t added to the roster yet. I do think we made a great hire, but am a bit confused.
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    Best available libero

    Anyone know who the best available libero in the portal is? Someone with more than one year of eligibility?
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    Gopher Volleyball 2023 Season

    One of my concerns is that our new coach is moving too slowly in the portal. I don’t know this as a fact, and hope I’m wrong. However, it seems to me that other top ten teams are swiping up quality players rather quickly. Why is there nothing happening with the Gophers? I sure hope he is...
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    Gopher Volleyball 2023 Season

    There must have been team chemistry issues behind the scenes. Her mom said that they wanted Carter to become an “all-around” player, and she agreed when I said Minnesota was the best fit for her. They obviously don’t know that not only will she have limited playing time at Wisconsin, they don’t...
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    Gopher Volleyball 2023 Season

    I’m new to the site, but have been a football season ticket holder for about 25 years. I also follow and support the volleyball team closely. I am dumbfounded by the news. I just spoke with Carter Booths mom before the Northern Iowa match and she told me how much They loved Minnesota. She even...

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