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    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    With 6 2024 Big Ten teams ranked in the top 10 and a few others ranked in the top 25, I am concerned about the Gophers' ability to compete in the new-look conference (even w/o factoring in NIL). With NIL, I am even more concerned... We're not alone. Purdue, Illinois, Northwestern, Indiana...
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    Fleck has lost his hunger/edge

    Would love it if that would happen. Keep PJ but bring in an aggressive OC and let him coach the offense.
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    Fleck has lost his hunger/edge

    THIS is my sentiment, almost exactly! I am so tired of the 'safe' play--sometimes you have to go off 'the plan'. Otherwise, everyone knows your plan and in some cases (4th quarter, Northwestern game being the latest example) the other team can execute YOUR plan better than you can.
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    He only did so after our ceiling had been determined. Some would say he made the change after 'it didn't really matter' but I believe the end of last season DID matter....and we finished strong (with Athan). It just seems (from a fan or 'outsider' perspective) that we could have raised our...
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    Great run by Tyler! Been waiting for something like that tonight
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    My sentiments exactly! Gotta find a way to run the ball (without Mo)
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    45% of players who entered the portal this year will not play NCAA basketball in the upcoming 2023-24 season.

    Great take! While there are certainly some players who ended up without a chair when the music stopped...the portal has worked very well for those who ('Go Juco?.....drop down to D2 or even D3?)...or transferred up, or got NIL, or went pro (even if way 'off Broadway'...getting paid to play ball...
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    How would you rate Gophers offseason in the portal?

    LOVE what they did at DB and WR (even though the losses at each are not inconsequencial) ! Very hopeful that they found a gem at RB. On the defensive front 7, looks like we lost more than we gained. Overall I am happy with our Portal results. Added several players who are likely to...
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    Craig McDonald ...come on down ....

    I am on the other end of the ledger. Feel he can contribute, has experience, has multiple years of eligibility, and plays a position of need. Welcome home!
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    I am with 60's Guy!!!
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    Any Interest in Aj Plitzuweit?

    I knew nothing about Plizuweit before last week and still know close to nothing about him now. What I do know is that the Gophers need 3-4 guards before next season and have one (Mitchell) signed up thus far. That said, I would take Plizuweit and see what he can bring to the team. I don't see...
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    What Ben Johnson can learn from NCAA Tournament

    We can debate semantics, numbers, and stars all day long....but what Tom Izzo has done at MSU is absolutely the blueprint for a successful program outside the top 10 'blue bloods'. If we could achieve even a portion of his success with Sparty we would be ecstatic!
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    Caledonia native Eli King in portal from Iowa State

    I believe King was one of two players (Cam Heide-to-Purdue) that announced their commitment shortly after Coach Johnson was hired and the consensus on this board was that Coach Johnson didn't have the time to cultivate the same sort of relationships that Oberholzer (UNLV/Iowa State) and Painter...
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    Caledonia native Eli King in portal from Iowa State

    I would love it if we could get him to transfer to The U! This is the kind of player that we need to build a sustainable, successful program. Skillful, yet maybe in need of some development. Local...maybe even with a desire to be a part of the next (successful) wave of Gopher basketball. A...
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    JMS, Ibrahim, Terell Smith and Howden invited to combine

    How many Gophers do we expect to get drafted? These four? These four plus? Less than these four? Anyone have a take on this?
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    Yes. Check Ramberg's stats from the last game
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    Garcia is clearly our best player, and Battle is arguably our second best...but I am not entirely sure we aren't a better team with neither of them on the floor. In games that they both play big minutes, it seems like we lose big. In games that neither or one of them plays, it seems like the...
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    Point Guard

    Regardless of how one feels about Cooper as the PG of this team, it is clear that we need to add 1 or 2 additional ballhandlers to next year's squad to be competitive. Assuming we add two to the roster, we would have to drop two from the roster to be under the scholarship limit. Doing a little...
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    I disagree. The end of the Pitino days and the subsequent departures of almost everyone on the team left us in a horrible situation. A total rebuild. Yet, last year we won games, played competitively until the end of the season, overachieved, played with passion and purpose, maximized our...

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