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    AAU Battle of the Lakes

    If they need to Red Shirt We shouldn't be recruiting them Tell them to go to St Thomas for a year & then transfer to us.
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    This roster is not bad

    Not about injuries or talent, They need good coaching, otherwise it will be another year at 14.
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    Men's Gopher Basketball in First Place?

    Last Place, Again !!! Talent is better, but coaching staff is the same
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    Gophers in CSUF G transfer Latrell Wrightsell Jr. top 3

    Alabama , Alabama or Minnesota ? At Alabama , I get paid or at Minnesota I get nothing What Should I do ?
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    B1G report card: Final grades for each Big Ten basketball team in 2023

    With NIL all this gender equity going on they won't be the last team to drop all sports !!!
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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    I disagree ! This they will take up and deal with in a non partisan way , why they let the rest of the country go straight to hell.
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    Mitchell commits!!

    Amazing Facilities !!! That I didn't know we had !
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    Miami Men’s Basketball players are receiving a total of $2.2 Million in NIL payments among all players in the program combined.

    And all athletics in other sports will be without any opportunity to 0lay anywhere Sp much for title 9
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    Jamison Battle to enter the Transfer Portal

    Not necessarily !!! They will all at least be mentioned in scouting report, thus improving is necessary just to be at this years level.
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    Jamison Battle to enter the Transfer Portal

    No really good ones, either
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    Jaden Henley commits to DePaul

    Everybody with a brain , always says the right thing, sure they remain close? Define close.
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    Jaden Henley commits to DePaul

    Winning is not a priority !!! I just want allot of playing time
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    All Things NCAA Tournament Games

    Always tell the guy you always beat, how good he is , so the school doesn't can him and get a real coach.
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    Jamison Battle to enter the Transfer Portal

    Who's gonna give them the ball ?

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