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    Softball Recruiting

    I live in So. Cal and in the hot bed of softball talent. There is so much talent within a 10 mile radius from where I live. Even though my DD plays softball for a very good team, there are some very talented teams/players. Like the Corona Angels, Athletics Mercado, and Firecrackers-Brasher. Some...
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    Vote for Minnesota softball on Twitter.

    InCircle is having a simulation softball regional and tournaments. Go vote for the Gophers.
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    Gopher softball 2021

    We all know Allister formed the foundation to make the MN softball program one of the best in the nation. Trachsel lead the team to its first WCWS, which is great for her. But it was mostly with Allister recruits. Also, I was worried with Trachsel's recruiting these past 2 years, way too many...

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