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    Rose into the Portal

    Micheaux proved she can play in the BIG10. Hart hasn't yet proven herself (as a starter) at the division 1 level. Micheaux had no reason to feel threatened for opportunity. She merely traded up to an NCAA tournament team and probably got some NIL in the process.
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    Gopher WBB 2023-2024

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    Coach P will be on KFAN Today

    I agree with this. The sport is compelling enough through the players on the court. It doesn't need over-the-top demonstrative coaches on the sidelines or trash talk to draw in simpleton viewers who can't appreciate the sport in it's organic form. Although I did enjoy Bobby Knight throwing...
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    Dawn Plitzuweit's Introductory Presser on Monday

    I hope she (Katie B) stays. Dawn seems like the type of coach who could take her high motor and creativity and refine it without losing the energy. Then she'd be a star.
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    Dawn Plitzuweit Introduced Live at Gophers Hockey Big Ten Championship Game!

    NIL doesn't come directly from the schools' budget/revenue, does it? I thought NIL payments were from boosters.
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    Coach P Streak Continues, Gophers in NCAA Tournament Next Year?

    Yes. If we keep everyone, the incoming recruits and get solid contributor from the portal.
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    Rose into the Portal

    Who said she wasn't a good person? When did I criticize her family? She seemed like a wonderful person, player and representative of UofMN. Which is why I really, really hoped she'd at least give the new coach and staff a modicum of consideration. I'm very disappointed that she didn't give...
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    Rose into the Portal

    This would be a killer combination.
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    Rose into the Portal

    This is very disappointing. And smells. To announce now, before even knowing who our next coach is most likely means some other coach already contacted her and she knows exactly where she's going already (and what she'll get paid). Way too fast. Would have more respect for her if she showed...
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    Jamison Battle entering transfer portal.......

    I really hope she stays. She had such good chemistry with the other freshman and positive attitude toward commitment to MN. I was/am excited to watch her for the next few years. I hope the choice of new coach is a great one and cements her place here.
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    Thank you Lindsay

    This 100%. You are an icon that has inspired so many young women to play the game (maybe one on this team will the next MN womens BB legend) and many men to realize how exciting and compelling the women's game (NCAA and WNBA) can be.
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    What grade would you give the 2022-2023 Gopher Women's Basketball season?

    I gave it a C because I saw a change in the culture. The young players were holding themselves accountable, acknowledging game plans and where they weren't executing and how they'd work to get better. And consistent effort ('never giving up'). That attitude wasn't there with our past teams. A...
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    B1G Tournament Game 1: Gophers vs Penn State (3-1-23)

    We're looking confused on D as well.
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    B1G Tournament Game 1: Gophers vs Penn State (3-1-23)

    Hard to beat a team 3 times in a season is an NFL axiom taking into account the "any given Sunday" and the parity of the NFL. Misapplied if we're talking about womens NCAA basketball.
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    Monday NCAA NET Rankings 2022-23

    Our young women are definitely playing in a tough conference with 5 of the top 16 in the country.
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    This WBB Forum

    That was the risk vs reward of hiring Whalen. Yes she was green as a coach, but she loves MN. If she succeeded, she'd never leave MN and we would have a great program that would last several decades. Whereas any other coach we hire, as good as they might be, will jump to a new school after...
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    B1G Game 14: Gophers Host Wisconsin (2-11-23)

    Thanks for the correction. I impulsively responded to a prior poster's 'winning the next 3'. So I'll maintain my desire to see improvement and competitiveness over the next 6 (including BIG tourney) and be pleased if we can win 4 of 6 (or maybe 7).
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    B1G Game 14: Gophers Host Wisconsin (2-11-23)

    I'm hoping, against not as brutal competition, that in these last 3 games we can show improvement in fundamental areas, compete well in all three games and win 2 out of 3. I think that will build some confidence and allow the players and fans to feel like they are on an upward trajectory.
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    B1G Game 12: Gophers Visit Illinois (2-5-23)

    Despite much of my criticism, this is a respectable coaching decision. Good lesson for young players: if I'm not getting it done and my replacement is then I'm going to sit. Regardless of how highly touted I am. I just wish it would have ended in a win, so it wouldn't be second guessed.

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