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    Gopher Golf Starts Season at Boilermaker Classic

    What happened to Luisamariana Mesones the great golfer from Peru? She is not on the roster after having a great Frosh season.
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    Gopher Softball 2024

    I'm old enough to remember the old Dodger lefty Preacher Roe. There was a big article in Sports Illustrated many years ago where Preacher showed how he loaded up his money pitch the Spitter. He was a crafty and very successful lefty pitcher I think in the 60's.
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    Gopher Softball 2024

    Lindmark comes with a reputation as a very good hitter but also an experienced catcher. I just hope this doesn't mean that Taylor Krapf will be entering the transfer portal.
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    Elijah Hawkins Commits to Gophers!

    I quote the Howard coach re: Hawkins: "In terms of his growth he did throw some passes to the cheerleaders and that's OK. We knew he was going to be our guy and we were committed to him no matter what. I want him to be reckless and I want him to take chances and I want him to be who he is...
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    Plitzuweit's assistant coaches

    I noticed that Jason Jeschke is no longer listed under the WVA coaching tree whereas the the other two asst coaches are listed. Assume that means he is coming to Minnesota.
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    Dawn Plitzuweit's Introductory Presser on Monday

    They indicated a 12:30 time for the presser.
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    Gopher softball 2023

    Who will catch in her absence? Strelow caught during her frosh year. Claire Cenewoa (sp) is listed as a catcher but hasn't made an appearance in her two years. Leschber has caught but she is a lefty.
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    Gopher BB

    Sorry, I meant to say Sutherlin rather than saulsberry in my post.
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    Gopher BB

    In looking at which players we lost going forward, the quality was marginal. Robbins went with his Uncle and Mashburn went with Pitino for some reason. The players lost such as Williams, Freeman, Mitchell, Gach, Omersa averaged less than 7pts a game. Johnson went home to DePaul and Kalschur...
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    Gopher softball 2021

    I just checked Gopher and all games at Illinois and next week here with Purdue will be on BTN+. I suspect most games home and away will be on BTN+.
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    Gopher softball 2021

    I'm optimistic that Piper's management style, leading to a less stressful playing environment, coupled with instruction from two All American college hitters will have a great effect on our hitters. In addition, our recruiting network should expand significantly as Wynn and Richardson have West...
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    Gopher softball 2021

    Any update on asst coaches? I thought Piper would have settled on her asst coaches by now. Is the salary freeze the main stumbling block? There seems to be a number of great candidates (Katie R., Colleen P., Sara G, Mike L and others).
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    Gopher softball 2021

    A great choice! She has proven herself as a student athlete and great coach for many years and apparently has earned the trust of the athletes. Most importantly, she wants to be at Minnesota. This should solidify talk of athletes wanting to transfer and make the transition easier for the...
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    Gopher softball 2021

    Does anyone have any insight on which coaching names are being speculated? Also, why is everything so secretive on Hope Brandner? There is usually some indication of what medical issue kept her out ---- if in fact, it was a medical issue.

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