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    Tanner Morgan, Mariano Sori-Marin return to Gophers as volunteer analysts

    Throughout the 2022 season, coach P.J. Fleck would mention that players such as quarterback Tanner Morgan and linebacker Mariano Sori-Marin could make good coaches someday. That someday is now because Morgan and Sori-Marin have joined the Gophers staff as volunteer analysts. Both Morgan and...
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    Gopher Hockey Recruiting

    In the post game last night Bob Motzko said about Cooley ". . . next year he's even gonna take a bigger step with us." Not sure if that means anything, but seemed an interesting thing to say about a guy most of us assume is leaving after this year.
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    7 corners

    Speak for yourself, I’ve been murdered already three times this week!
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    Comparing DIII to DI

    Michigan Tech is actually D2 which actually adds even another layer to your comparison. The problem with D3 is the huge disparity from top to bottom. You have your UMHBs that would probably be competitive in most FCS conferences, then you have your Hamlines that wouldn’t compete in most high...
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    Gophers football coach P.J. Fleck's Mound vacation home lists for $2.5 million

    47 minutes as of right now with no traffic on the map. Hell, it can take 35 minutes just to get from 394 to 94 some days.
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    2022 Best BBQ Restaurant In Every College Town (Minnesota: Beast BBQ)

    I went to a wedding in Austin once that was all Oklahoma grads and they were all raving about this new bbq joint that opened up called Famous Dave's. Maybe that explains their ex-coach's brisket. Ever since then I took the BBQ elitism of southerners and claims that there's no good BBQ in MN a...
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    Tanner Morgan ties the knot

    Is it just me or does it seem really creepy to screenshot and then re-share someone's wedding photos?
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    Dave Thorson - Recruit for a Day

    This past Tuesday evening was the season ticket holder "Recruit for a Day" event where there was an opportunity to visit the Athlete's Village and hear from various coaches and staffers. One of the coaches who spoke was Dave Thorson. For those who weren't there, here's a bit of what he said to...
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    Top 25 Best/Worst College Football Fight Songs (Worst: #22. Minnesota Rouser)

    We should really stop with the Big Game Boomer stuff, the guy just posts random lists with zero research and purposely makes them controversial for clicks. Rocky Top isn't even Tennessee's fight song.
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    Anthony Brown decommits

    I don't think it was a camp, I think it was just an unofficial visit during a captain's practice. I was there for the "recruit for a day" season ticket holder event. The football team left practice as our group was sitting outside and he walked by with those two. Good to see the timing of the...
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    Anthony Brown decommits

    Yes, that's the new fieldhouse at Athlete's Village. They have stations A, B, C, etc. around the field, likely station markings as you mentioned. I was in there Tuesday and he was hanging out with Mo and MBS.
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    Fleck Delivers Commencement Speech at CSOM (video)

    Spot on here. It's a quirky test and basically measures how well you prepared for the exam, not how intelligent you are. One point among many and not to be completely disregarded, though certainly biased toward those with the resources to spend a lot of time and money on preparation.
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    Top 5 IOL on PFF's 2023 Big Board (#3. John Michael Schmitz)

    From what I've seen typically the ratings services go off of where they're projected in college rather than where they play in high school.
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    Top 5 IOL on PFF's 2023 Big Board (#3. John Michael Schmitz)

    In the context of the concern shown for our current recruiting class this is a very interesting ranking. Average high school ranking among those 5 players is 1405th in the country, even with the number 9 in the country being included skewing it. If there's one position group that seems to be...
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    A Senior’s Rating of Every UMN Campus Bar (Sally’s Saloon – 10/10)

    Athens has 80 bars in total, not just downtown. This list is only those directly adjacent to campus and even then isn't close to comprehensive. Though party schools don't typically make their reputation based on number of bars..
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    St. Thomas Looking to Buy T&C for New Arena

    If they can at least get a soccer field there I think that'd be enough. I seem to remember during initial discussions on the Ford plant redevelopment they talked about new little league fields. UST could chip in to make one a bit nicer and use it for softball. That'd free up the fields on south...
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    St. Thomas Looking to Buy T&C for New Arena

    Plan B is the old Ford spur in Highland park. This was one of the options for the Riverview corridor light rail planned from St Paul to the airport, and in the community advisory meeting for that project last week it was mentioned that it's off the table because UST has a contract with Canadian...
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    St. Thomas Looking to Buy T&C for New Arena

    The business school is there too. One of UST's selling points for their MBA is making it easy for downtown workers being connected to the skyway so I don't think it's going away. There's still ~3 acres of undeveloped land/parking garage downtown for a small med school if they want that. The...
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    Official 2023 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Kadyn Proctor offered on Wednesday, 5* tackle from Iowa
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    Insert your own jokes

    Great, do Kinnick next

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