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    23-24 roster: How they hot here

    Hawkins should be a big upgrade at guard. Howard's game against Kansas is on YouTube if you want to see highlights of him against a top team.
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    Isiah I workout video

    If you were wondering what Isiah I is up to.
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    Mitchell commits!!

    I'm right behind you, Moorpark.
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    Mitchell commits!!

    I live within reasonable driving distance of Pepperdine so get over the occasionally for games. I saw them v Gonzaga about a month ago. Observations strictly from a fan perspective. He has a really sweet stroke from what I remember. He certainly didn't seem out of place athletically...
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    Haskins first couple years were bad in conference. Maybe a couple of wins the first year and 3 or 4 the next. patience maybe? or does that not exist anymore.
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    Tubby Smith on Minnesota: "It may be the first or second toughest job in the Big Ten."

    Haskins first couple years were terrible. 86-87 I think. He had several recruits (Burton, Coffey, Shik) that got a lot better by the time they were Juniors/Seniors). I think they won 2 games or so Haskins first year and not much better the second. Is there no patience for this kind of build...
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    Minnesota v - Indiana 2000 - the Joel P game

    Came across this game on youtube.
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    “Secret” Scrimmage

    I grew up on the north shore from the 60s thru the early 80s. I can't remember any division 1 basketball player coming out of the area Two Harbors and north to Grand Marais. There is just very little population there. Ramberg is the first that I am aware of. The only thing of note I remember...
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    All Things 2021 NCAA College Basketball March Madness Tournament Thread

    Moser team runs some fantastic actions offensively. Their defense is great too. The coach that I wish we would have gone after years ago was the coach of Davidson. He's one of the best coaches around. I think he's too old at this point.
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    B1G Tourney game times?

    Say, good job on the Dragon Murder Case. Detective Vance!
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    College Basketball Classics

    I remember this Illinois game I think it was the last big ten game of the year for MN. the ESPN station I was watching broke in from whatever they were doing to show the last few minutes of the game. I thought this would get to them into the NCAA tournament. Didn't they have a pretty strong...
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    Book Recommendations

    Hi i highly recommend the Jonathan Stroud books. he is extremely accessible. The bartimaeus sequence is fantastic. Also, the Lockwood series is a ton of fun. I've read both of these. Stroud is one of my favorite authors and perfect for middle grade kids.
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    MN v Purdue 1990

    I found this game. It was loaded in separate pieces. I didn't find the beginning of the game. It picks up part way through the first half. Notable for what Coffey did at the end of the game
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    2020-21 Schedule

    I'm also on the West coast (LA Area) Last year I noticed that some of the gopher games were posted to youtube within a few days. that's one option. I have youtube tv which gets the big ten network but you won't get all the games since some may be on BT + . Youtube TV has gotten pricier...
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    Minnesota v Michigan 1976/77 season

    This is probably my favorite gopher team(although I believe they ended up losing to Michigan both times) - I think this is flips senior season They beat Marquette that season at their place (who won the national championship that year). Still pissed at the vacated season.
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    Minnesota v Syracuse - 1990 sweet sixteen game

    Hopefully this will alleviate the basketball itch until the season starts
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    Nice video of Blakes miracle shot v Indiana

    this is a pretty nice little video of Blakes miracle shot v Indiana.
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    Former Augsburg three sport athlete and Minnesota HS coach Lute Olson passes away at 85

    Bit of trivia but Lute coached high school BB for a year I think in Two Harbors.
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    1997 MN v Wisc

    Ha there are very few games out there from 97 other than a couple of the NCCA games. I happened to come across it and decided to post it. nothing nefarious intended. NCAA games v Clemson, UCLA and Kentucky are out on youtube. I do have a number of the 97 games on tape including the Indiana...
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    1997 MN v Wisc

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