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    Minnesota Golden Gophers in the NFL - 2023 Season
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    Minnesota Golden Gophers in the NFL - 2023 Season

    Correct! He played in 16 games last year as well and if you look at Justin Tucker highlights you can see him (#77) on the field goal unit.
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    Minnesota Golden Gophers in the NFL - 2023 Season

    Nice to see another former Gopher getting some recognition for his coaching!
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    Minnesota Golden Gophers in the NFL - 2023 Season

    Gophers in the NFL week 1 Stats: Jack Gibbens: 6 Tackles Jordan Howden: Played but no stats Antoine Winfield: 8 Tackles with sack/FF/FR and 1 PD Ko Kieft: 3 targets no catches Daniel Faalele: Played Rashod Bateman: 3 catches for 35 yards John Michael Schmitz: Started at C Devondre...
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    Minnesota Golden Gophers in the NFL - 2023 Season

    With the NFL starting this week, there are currently 8 former Gophers that are projected to start this year! Bateman-Ravens Winfield Jr.-Bucs JMS-Giants Campbell-Packers Cashman-Texans Gibbens-Titans Mafe-Seahawks St-Juste-Commanders
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    Notable #Gophers transfers Wk 1 performances

    I think this is always a great reminder that people leaving in the transfer portal isn't always the end of the world. Outside of Bucky and Trill we are not really missing much out of this group. You could argue Oliver/Wright/Bishop but after this last game we don't really have any fall off in...
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    2023 Redshirt Tracker

    Looking at the participation statistics to start tracking which true freshman played. Feel free to correct me or add anyone I may of missed. Through game 1 looks like we had 2 true freshman take snaps: Darius Taylor (1 rush for 3 yards) Zander Rockow (No stats, but Love seeing a walk-on getting...
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    Question on Ersery

    You see this a lot with tackles nowadays. If you ever watch the 49ers Trent Williams looks like he's false starting every play but is just timing the snap.
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    3-3-5 defense

    Not to be that guy but JMS did not play in the Pinstripe bowl...
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    What grade would you give Gophers coaches in win over Nebraska?

    Joe Rossi put the team on his back this game. Hopefully we get more of the creativity on offense that we ran in Q4 for the rest of the season, and figure out how to run the ball!
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    Game 1 takeaways

    We keep recruiting these guys who run 10 second 100m dashes in HS track. There's gotta be at least ONE of them we can plug in as a returner. Redding isn't fast and doesn't break tackles.
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    Mo Ibrahim Cut By Lions

    The Lions offered him $100K guaranteed to sign as an UDFA--this will not be Mo's last chance to make an NFL roster.
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    Minnesota Golden Gophers in the NFL - 2023 Season

    Love his effort run blocking!!! THat's how you earn a roster spot!
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    BREAKING: Oregon & Washington joining Big Ten, becoming latest schools to leave Pac-12

    Very intrigued to see if more Minnesota guys consider Washington with Kalen Deboers ties to the area with Milbank being his hometown, and his time in the NSIC at University of Sioux Falls. He already poached Elinnieus Davis from Moorhead and would have to think this gives him more ammo to get...
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    2023 PFF College 50: Players 40-31🔥 (#31. Spann-Ford, MN)

    PFF has been high on BSF for the past couple of years. He normally is one of their top graded TE's
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    Running Back - who ya got

    I think Tyler leads the team in carries but Evans/Taylor earn more carries as the season goes on. I really hope to avoid a Mo OSU game situation by running Tyler into the ground too much.
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    Is this true?! Matt Rhule said that most Division I programs only give first-year students five reps per practice.

    The best ability is availability and guys gotta be ready to play when their # is called!
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    Brock Vereen, Cory Provus again a big part of BTN coverage; BTN Tailgate here for Louisiana game

    I've been very impressed with Vereen as well. Glad to see he is finding success post-NFL!
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    Jim Leonhard joins Illinois as Senior Football Analyst

    Nice to see the Badgers fans (hopefully) ruin any reunion chances with all of them turning on him for going to Illinois
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    True freshmen from the 2023 class who can make immediate impact

    Have you not watched much Gopher football in the Fleck era? They use a ton of jumbo sets with extra OL and TE's. Literally 9 of the 11 players in the formation pictured from the Wisconsin game last year are TE's or OL.

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