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    What's the story on Zach Evans?

    Are you wondering if things have happened to him, or do you know things have happened to him?
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    What's the story on Zach Evans?

    @Gopherchase has posted a few times in the past few weeks that Evans is in the doghouse. Not sure what he did to get in the doghouse, but it seems to be the only logical explanation as to why he hasn't played a single down in the first four games when clearly there is a need for some quality...
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    I think Kyle will be doing mostly the Peacock games. The top NBC prime time guy is Todd Blackledge. I'd assume he'll have the MN-MICH game with Noah Eagle.
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    This has been the case since BTN started broadcasting in 2007. They always take a backseat to the other networks for the best games. Occasionally, they luck into a good game, but usually it is the bottom of the food chain. That said, they get way more than the annual FCS game. They always...
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    Year 7, one of the most pathetic losses in my 45 years.

    You even left out the 2007 Brewster loss at Northwestern in which Minnesota held a 35-14 2nd half lead in Evanston and lost in OT, as well. 2023 was the second time in the past 16 years the Gophers have blown a 21-point second half lead and lost in Evanston in OT.
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    Fleck's Vocal Cords,,,

    PJ has used a microphone and speakers at practice since the first day he got to Minnesota.
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    Fleck: interesting facts about Kaliakmanis

    Care to elaborate on this? I've seen you post this a few times now. I believe you, as its the only logical explanation as to why he hasn't played one down in three games. I am wondering what the details are, if you can share.
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    They are using Gousby in the third down/passing situation package. They bring Gousby is as safety and move Green to the nickel (taking Henderson out). So, when Gousby goes in, Nubin and Green are also in. As a poster previously said, Gousby actually recovered fairly well and nearly broke up...
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    Gophers AD Mark Coyle: Fans can look forward to more marquee nonconference games

    Minnesota had never played a road game at an ACC school until this past Saturday either. They had played at Pittsburgh and Syracuse, but neither were ACC members when they did that.
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    Deep Dive of Redzone Playcalling against EMU

    Not a big deal, the Gophers didn't run any plays in the Red Zone on the drive that ended in an interception. The ball was intercepted in the Red Zone, but the line of scrimmage was the NEB 24. We were technically 2-for-2 in the Red Zone with a FG and a TD.
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    Deep Dive of Redzone Playcalling against EMU

    The worst play design of the entire evening was the naked bootleg on 4th down on the first possession. I'm all for a good bootleg. But, you need one yard. Don't fake a hand off and have the QB continue toward the backfield to the point he is eight yards behind the line of scrimmage before he...
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    Gophers now 19-1 in non-conference under Fleck

    The Gophers are 28-1 in non-conference games since the 2015 season-opening loss to #2 TCU, including six straight bowl wins. That's not too bad.
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    Weather Forecast for Eastern Michigan -- Minnesota

    Yeah, one weather thread being commented on by the same six or seven posters about a game TONIGHT in a sea of hundreds of other threads is a real fixation. We should rename this site WeatherGopher or something with an obsession like this. The real fixation is a Badger fan coming onto a Gopher...
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    3-3-5 defense

    Mo rushed for 71 yards in two quarters against that defense. It is apparent Mo was a difference maker. Last time we rushed for as little as we did last night (55 yards) was the Purdue game last year (47 yards). Guess who didn't play in the Purdue game?
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    Good Article on Nebraska’s 3-3-5 Defense

    Agreed, which is exactly why I pointed out what I did. Not sure if Murr was agreeing or disagreeing with me, or just adding context.
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    Good Article on Nebraska’s 3-3-5 Defense

    I would add that Athan seemed to start strong against the 3-3-5 of Syracuse. He was 7-for-9 for 80 yards with a couple of nice drives before he was hurt. Then Tanner entered and we went run heavy again. Tanner threw 7 total passes in two and a half quarters. No Ibrahim in the 2nd half, either.
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    Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt calling Nebraska game.

    Good news is Nessler will be doing Big Ten games again now that CBS is part of the Big Ten TV package. Gary Danielson is his partner nowadays on CBS, as he was when Nessler first started at ESPN back in the 1990s. Hopefully, Nessler gets a game or two in his home state.
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    Gophersports phone app

    So, there is some glitch. You have to skip past the initial sign-in step and enter the app as a guest. Then, go to "manage tickets" and sign in and you're good. I had to call the ticket office last week with the same issue. Apparently, the ticket sign-in is different than the actual app sign-in.
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    Great Mara Braun interview here

    Some details from Mara on the summer workouts, style of play, transition to new coach and her time on US basketball this summer. She comments about the coaches pouring everything they have into having the team prepared. She seems to be a fan of the staff and ready to be coached up. I thought...

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