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    Gophers' Ben Johnson hopes students bring energy again to the Barn

    Its good to get an early start on the "old men yell at clouds" thread for the 23-24 basketball season.
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    Big Ten Coaching Rankings

    You guys should do a cage match in the lull before the season. Wet Blanket vs. Rockraven - no holds barred.
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    Los Angeles Times, citing multiple sources, reported Gophers AD Mark Coyle was one of at least three candidates USC explored for the position.

    Interviewer: Mark, can you please explain your decisions over the last 5 years with respect to the Gopher basketball program, decisiveness with key decisions, creatively handling difficult disciplinary situations common to all programs without making snap decisions out of fear, hiring coaches...
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    Video: New Kid On The Block | Kadyn Betts

    Garbage man has some potential as a nickname depending on how well he can rebound.
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    Bronny James suffers cardiac arrest, collapses on USC court: LeBron James' son now in stable condition

    It is the second straight year the Trojans program has had a player suffer cardiac arrest. Center Vincent Iwuchukwu, one of the top incoming freshman in college basketball last season, suffered cardiac arrest on July 1 and was hospitalized for a few days. He returned to play for USC in January...
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    Make sure…

    In the land of Gopher pessimists, optimism is a crime
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    Shooter: Although Brian Dutcher is loyal to SDSU, the Gophers would be expected to consider him coaching change, which seems likely, after this year

    Morale is down here in Gopher purgatory. The afflicted souls demand a change in leadership. Little do they know that a change in leadership will find them complaining just as much as they did 3 coaches ago. It is in their nature. The interesting part is those with a little hope for next...
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    STrib: Jamison Battle is gone, but Ben Johnson is focused on Gophers who stayed

    Someday this board will just be AI's arguing with other AI's. AI bots will generate ads for fake AI traffic. The only real people left visiting GH will be a couple of old timers that fail to realize that the only people responding to their passive aggressive posts are algos. WAIT!, are we...
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    STrib: Jamison Battle is gone, but Ben Johnson is focused on Gophers who stayed

    Battle was not happy all of last year. You could see it in his body language. I suspect that Ben managed him into the portal - if so - well done! The last thing that ben needed was an upper classman with a bad attitude. Who knows, if he stays we may have seen others enter the portal. Short...
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    Make no mistake. The responsible party for this team circling the drain is ..

    Acknowledge the problem, fire the people, move on. Nobody working at the U or playing for the U the following year had anything to do with it (neither did the fans). Should have just moved on. For people like you they could have just handed out little whips so you could punish yourself for as...
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    Make no mistake. The responsible party for this team circling the drain is ..

    While it is obviously more nuanced than pointing at one person and one specific tenure - Boston and company is, perhaps, the best example of the weak leadership that has led the athletics program for decades. Birdbrained fearful men (and women) making cowardly decisions separates the U from...
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    Interview with Dinkytown Athletes co-founder Robert Gag

    I like him. Minnesota punches above its weight when it comes to business and there is no reason we cant leverage NIL to get the Gophs to the top of the BigTen in Basketball and Football. NIL will be a net positive for the U. The money is here.
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    What happened to this board?

    I am not buying your age but I guess it is possible that you are a 40 year old boomer. (we got men who think they are women these days so who am I to judge) What a troll does is says "come back to me with all your proof". When when they cannot win on a specific subject they say "come back to...
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    What happened to this board?

    Bob, you just framed up the whole discussion as "Hand out a warning or two to trolls and all conversation immediately dies, users go away and the site as left as an empty shell with no discussions" Really? I get that you are a attorney and framing up BS is a part fo the job but sheesh. How...
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    What happened to this board?

    Gopherhole could add an admin or two, give a warning or two, lock a thread or two. They choose not to... Bad business in my opinion but it IS their business so whatever. I think they get alot more traffic if they actually manage some of the "Trolling" and "Grieving" that happens on every...
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    All Things 2024 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread - Videos, Tweets, Articles, Rumors, Analysis and More

    This just goes to show you what good parents, proper values, and support from extended family will do. Good Job Grove family! Not only does he get to play for the Gophers his exposure will pay dividends in his post basketball professional career here in the Twin Cities (rather than needing to...
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    Dickinson: "The people hating on me would leave their job right now for a $10,000 increase...I got, at Michigan, less than six figures."

    Who makes money on college hoops? Universities as a whole, university leadership, people at university supported by athletic revenue, athletic department, athletic directors, coaches, assistant coaches, coaches in non revenue sports supported by basketball, athlete scholarships in non revenue...
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    Cameron Christie COMMITS!

    With the new AI tech I am taking donations to purchase an automated AI troll for Wisky and IA forums. This AI would essentially analyze the posts of the negative people here (ya'll know who you are) and make it seem like the entire fanbase for both of those teams are a total bunch of losers on...
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    Gophers' AD Mark Coyle says he deals with name, image and likeness 'every hour'

    The vast majority of pro sports players live in an alternate reality and have since high school. It wrecks them for life.
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    Gophers' AD Mark Coyle says he deals with name, image and likeness 'every hour'

    The alternative is that the UofM catches themselves going 60 in a 55, self-penalizes for 4 years, and then asks the NCAA to make an example out of us so the NCAA can quietly settle Kentucky's 100 in a school zone ticket without negative publicity.

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