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    Years going to Gopher games: 46 Years of season tickets: 33 plus 4 as a student Rose Bowls: 0 ‘Big 6’ Bowl games: 0 Big Ten Championships: 0 Outright Big Ten West Championships: 0 Chances of any of the above four outcomes this year: approaching zero. Me: Doc, it hurts when I cheer for the...
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    PJ is injuring his running backs and it has to stop

    Both can be true. Having more than one running back seems to be a good thing. See Purdue, 2022.
  3. corcorangopher

    PJ is injuring his running backs and it has to stop

    The fact that the Gophers need a true freshman to contribute that much shows that the program has failed to recruit, develop, and retain adequate running back talent.
  4. corcorangopher

    Fire PJ immediately please

    PJ was a momentum hire - he brings energy to instilling his culture and the results are good through a couple years. But, now year 7 it is a different game. The Gophers are left with an imperfect game day coach and their recruiting has stagnated at best. I liked PJ the builder. When...
  5. corcorangopher

    Fleck's Vocal Cords,,,

    How long do we watch our hands?
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    Pat Forde: Fleck's passing game left town with Tyler Johnson and Rashod Bateman, and it hasn't come back

    The fixed elements since 2019 - PJ, Simon, Callahan. Players made plays that year (most of them, I still see a dropped ball in Iowa). Why do they make fewer now?
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    Fleck: interesting facts about Kaliakmanis

    Recent Gopher multi year quarterbacks have not shown much progression over time. Tanner peaked as a sophomore (two NFL receivers), Mitch never improved from freshman year. Weber maybe slightly improved senior year. Need to go back to Cupito and Assad Abdul Khaliq to see improvement into Jr/sr...
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    Minnesota Golden Gophers in the NFL - 2023 Season TAMPA — Antoine Winfield Jr.’s triple-crowning moment ― a sack, forced fumble and fumble recovery ― in last week’s 20-17 win over the Vikings got the attention of arguably the...
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    Loving these nighttime games! Do others as well?

    Totally prefer night games. Can get other things done, still have time to pre-game, enjoy the game. Might agree a little with moving back to midday late in season when colder, but you know they make warm clothes and we are supposed to be f’en Minnesota.
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    Uni Watch

    Minnesota Blackened Gophers. Tastes like catfish.
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    Game 1 takeaways

    Any information on Zach Evans? Thought he had flashes last year and would have expected to see him.
  12. corcorangopher

    Daniel Jackson TD catch was the best #Gophers football moment since _____________?

    Since Justin Walley stripped the ball to make Jackson’s catch possible. Players gonna play.
  13. corcorangopher

    Is the Thursday game a 'must win' for the Gophers?

    Yes. Coach’s job isn’t on the line. But, if can’t win this one, will you every amount to much?
  14. corcorangopher

    The 2023 Gophers football season will be a success if?...

    Success is the Gophers beating Georgia in the National Championship, denying the Bulldogs from matching Minnesota’s three-peat.
  15. corcorangopher

    New Helmet this season!

    Sure, why not. Who wants tradition in college football anyway?
  16. corcorangopher

    Five Reasons why the Gophers will win the Big Ten West

    Ummm…I guess I have accepted it. But I was thinking that’s all the Gophers have delivered and I didn’t have a real choice in the matter.
  17. corcorangopher

    Yahoo Sports reports: The Big Ten could Add 4 PAC 12 Teams

    Maybe we divide into two sub conferences- say 10 historical Big Ten schools - call it the Big Ten division. Then put the others in a group and maybe call it the Pac 10 division. Winner of each division plays for the conference championship- maybe play it in a stadium in Pasadena.
  18. corcorangopher

    Lane Kiffin says state of college football is 'a disaster'

    How does major college sports fit with the missions of universities and particularly the University of Minnesota. Here is the U of MN mission statement- how does football fit in there? I’m asking as a 35+ year season ticket holder and alum. I consider my fandom an addiction - is it...
  19. corcorangopher

    Mike Max: Chris Autman-Bell ready for record 7th season with Gophers

    One of those moments when you you realize good things can happen for our beloved Gophers.

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