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  1. LakerFan

    Reusse Gopher Basketball Insights - Transfer Gossip, NIL Money, Facilities, Dutcher, Musselman ETC

    I think we need to fix what's unattractive to retain players here first and then go get our top dollar coach. Ben's a good enough coach and a good enough evaluator of young talent to continue to put reasonable looking basketball players on the floor. So far the problem is getting players to...
  2. LakerFan

    Trouble with Gopher phone app

    My issues were on an Android phone. No Tech-shaming please. :)
  3. LakerFan

    Trouble with Gopher phone app

    App is horrendous. I always start this process days before the game anticipating trouble
  4. LakerFan

    Trouble with Gopher phone app

    Uninstalling and reinstalling worked for me too.
  5. LakerFan

    Trouble with Gopher phone app

    Sent an email to the gopher office
  6. LakerFan

    Trouble with Gopher phone app

    Anyone else having issues? Went to pull up my northwestern tickets and App errors out repeatedly finally got a message saying to wait for an update to the App to fix, went to updates and none available.
  7. LakerFan

    Games like these make me more excited for Kaliakmanis

    Can't wait to see Athan with his super arm speed bounce one of the chest of MBS in the endzone so hard that the other team can't intercept it. Wasn't Tanner's best game, but the story was drops and guys not winning 50/50 balls when covered. That and the lack of a running game threat were the...
  8. LakerFan

    Ben Brust has a meltdown about the state of Badger Football

    Fast forward 10 years to me explaining to my future grandkids why badger fans are so entitled even though they rarely make it to bowl games anymore. "Let me tell you kids a story about a football team called Nebraska."
  9. LakerFan

    Defense Celebration

    Love it! And love the videos on the board too, shows connection to the team, helps connect to the fans. The pipewrench bit was an internal thing which has its place too, but something like this that can get the fans involved is awesome. Can't wait to see the whole student section doing the...
  10. LakerFan

    Getting Something That’s 5 lbs?

    If you piled all of Jerry Kills regrets into a box they would weigh at least 5 lbs. That and a copy of his book.
  11. LakerFan

    CRAB TD?

    Replay in the stadium looked like CRAB had one toe clearly down in the endzone. Was there a bobble or earlier touch out of bounds? Did they question it on the broadcast?
  12. LakerFan

    Tickets missing?

    I just screen shot into my gallery, no internet needed for that either
  13. LakerFan

    Tickets missing?

    I had some trouble with the app. Was hanging up on the screen to manage my tickets forever and twice made me prove I wasn't a robot. For no explainable reason it finally started working about the time my panic level was ratcheting up to eleven. I downloaded the new app now and got rid of the...
  14. LakerFan

    NEB vs NW Game Thread

    Imo. The hatred is due to the constant over rating by the national media. It's so insidious even a gopher fan like yourself sees Nebraska as more of a threat than Northwestern despite NW having won the big ten west more recently than Nebraska has made a bowl game and NW has a brand new work out...
  15. LakerFan

    Frost Melt - all things 2022 Nebraska implosion thread

    Glass half full for Frost. He already has the best 3 and 9 team on his resume. Now he is on track to have the best 2 and 10.
  16. LakerFan

    Gophers new black uniforms expected to debut week one against New Mexico State. 🔥🔥🔥 (video)

    Should debut these uni's on the road at Nebraska. Appropriate because it's likely Frost's funeral.
  17. LakerFan

    Poll!!! - How Good Will Nebraska be this year?

    High chance they are 4-4 when we meet. If we beat them at Nebraska they announce the interim coach by Monday.
  18. LakerFan

    IRS surveying sales of tickets on StubHub

    They tightened up paypal about 6 years ago. I was treasurer for our non profit lacrosse association. Set up a paypal to collect fees. Worked great for two years. Year three I got a 1099 from paypal saying i made 5k in revenue and had to go through some hoops to show it wasn't income for me.
  19. LakerFan

    Vikings are the Nebraska of the NFL

    In fairness to defense. 3 picks with 2 in red zone should be enough help your offense. Talk about risk adverse. They scored easily when they took off the parking brake. Note to self start that way.

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