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  1. Zeppelin Gopher

    Tollackson Stepping Down

    Al Nolen just announced as the replacement
  2. Zeppelin Gopher

    PJ is injuring his running backs and it has to stop

    Taylor is 4th in FBS in total carries. He had 1 carry against Nebraska, and 86 the last 3 weeks. I honestly can't comprehend how anyone on here can defend this from our coach.
  3. Zeppelin Gopher

    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    NIL is neither here nor there right now. Zero to do with the state of the program or atmosphere in the Barn. The current lack of enthusiasm in the program is 100% related to the back to back historically bad, last place B1G seasons we are coming off. I'm more optimistic than most about the...
  4. Zeppelin Gopher

    Take me back to the Air Wacker days Gopher fans

    In 1993 we beat Purdue 59-56, in regulation. One of the few decent memories of the Wacker era (I was 9 but remember my dad giggling listening to the game on the radio).
  5. Zeppelin Gopher

    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    I normally enjoy your posts and agree with the majority of them. But this was a stupid, trolly, pat yourself on the back post. Do better bro
  6. Zeppelin Gopher

    On the plus side, UNC fans are the nicest ever

    I don't have a ton new to add here, but we really enjoyed our trip to Chapel Hill as well. Fans treated us great, fun gameday atmosphere and stadium experience, Franklin St was a blast. Trip lived up to the hype!
  7. Zeppelin Gopher

    On the plus side, UNC fans are the nicest ever

    Thats's been the case besides the years we've started on the road in week 1 (2009, 2010, 2011). It'll be a Thursday night opener against UNC next year.
  8. Zeppelin Gopher

    Northwestern a 6:30pm Kick on 9/23

    Bat 17, Buffalo Joe's are my two Evanston go to's
  9. Zeppelin Gopher

    Most cost effective way to watch Gopher Football at home.

    Stop being so cheap and pay for it like everyone else does.
  10. Zeppelin Gopher

    Will Gophers go monocolor again for ESPN game?

    I bet you dress like a donkey...
  11. Zeppelin Gopher

    Mel Tucker DID get fired. With cause.

    Tucker always came off as an extreme weirdo to me. That contract MSU gave him was super inexplicable from the off. Something is rotten in East Lansing. Their athletic department is a dumpster fire.
  12. Zeppelin Gopher

    Weather Forecast for Eastern Michigan -- Minnesota

    Haha I believe it, was just making a stupid joke.
  13. Zeppelin Gopher

    Weather Forecast for Eastern Michigan -- Minnesota

    Just a hunch, but I'm guessing there isn't a huge crossover between Gopher football and the weirdos who frequent the Renaissance
  14. Zeppelin Gopher

    Uni Watch

    Gross...I guess get these abominations out of the way before B10 play
  15. Zeppelin Gopher

    UNC Tickets Arrived

    Section 200, row F
  16. Zeppelin Gopher

    Running Backs

    In fairness- we are on a fan message board. Place would be pretty dead if none of had any hot takes and just preached "patience, trust the coaching staff, etc". Having said that- I agree with others that Taylor and Evans will be mixed in more and more as the season progresses.
  17. Zeppelin Gopher


    Listen to the Gopher Gridiron recap podcasts if you don't already. Derek Burns is an elite schematic mind...I learn something new every week from him.
  18. Zeppelin Gopher

    PJ Fleck 7th Year / Likes and Things You Would Like To See

    Likes: Defense overall, development of the OLine and running game, consistent culture, players seem to like playing for him and stick around, kids staying out of trouble, team discipline / lack of penalties, owning Nebraska, finally turning the tide against Wisconsin, awesome bowl win streak...

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