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  1. Denver_Gopher

    Recap the MN/NE game or your emotions in 1 sentence

    We won. I have repressed all else
  2. Denver_Gopher

    Gopher watch party in Denver tomorrow

    It's a fun place. A mix of a Gopher bar and Alabama bar. Was there when we beat Wisconsin in 2018. Place went crazy
  3. Denver_Gopher


    Girl was a good friend of my dad's. The night I was born my dad rushed my mo to Abott Hospital and Giel stayed with brother.
  4. Denver_Gopher

    Louisiana vs. Minnesota

    I know it has been a long time since I left the city of my birth, but to me a walk around Lake of Isles is pure Minneapolis
  5. Denver_Gopher

    Fox 9 with Fleck from Indy

    Gotta love these guys!
  6. Denver_Gopher

    Deion Sanders’ roster redo at Colorado could change college football

    There are 4 D1 schools in this state and by the end of the year CU may be in the #4 spot behind FCS UNC
  7. Denver_Gopher

    Lane Kiffin says state of college football is 'a disaster'

    He is absolutely right! Ruining the game we all love
  8. Denver_Gopher

    Toughest Gophers of All Time

    I'll start it off with Bronco
  9. Denver_Gopher

    What is your favorite Gopher football memory?

    There are bunch, but this is one I always remember, and I was only 7. It was the 1967 game against Indiana at Memorial Stadium; the last time either team won the conference. My Mom, Dad, big brother and I were at the game and a couple of Indiana fans in front of us were loud and rude. My dad...
  10. Denver_Gopher

    Parting ways

    We have to be able to laugh whatever the situation so +1111111
  11. Denver_Gopher

    Women’s Hockey Send-Off

    Don't want to jinx anything, so I'll just two championships a possibility
  12. Denver_Gopher

    Aaron Philo Commits!!!!

    I am sold! RTB, SUM, GG

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