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  1. RodentRampage

    Post Game Thread: Gophers With AMAZING Comeback Win!!!

    I celebrated with not one but two beers. I know, wild man. And a block of Cotswald cheese.
  2. RodentRampage

    It was a long drive but…

    Looks like you missed some bad weather in the Keys. I hope you enjoy the trip and enjoy the game! Anything else you plan on doing while you're here?
  3. RodentRampage

    Don't be surprised if the SEC and Big Ten go pro in the future...

    I'd lose interest if college football became a professional league. Then it's just a minor league. I'd like to see the NFL get their own minor league and pop this bubble.
  4. RodentRampage

    New Mexico St. bowl eligible in Jerry Kill's first year

    So, at 5-6, NMSU would be selected over 5-7 teams? I would guess that's dependent on beating Valparaiso, but since Valparaiso is a non-scholarship team, that's highly unlikely to happen.
  5. RodentRampage

    How Hot is Your Chili Northwestern Week?

    That would make sense. It's hot, easy to serve and easy to eat in the seats.
  6. RodentRampage

    I watched 0 plays—explain the game in 3 sentences

    Slow start for Gophers. Second half, Gophers came back. Hung on at the end. There once was a game down in Lincoln. The Gophers started out stinkin' Mo ran really hard All over the yard The Gophers fans cheering and drinking.
  7. RodentRampage

    Would MO stay another year?

    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
  8. RodentRampage

    Week 4 Other Games Thread

    Texas fumbles in OT, TT gets the winning FG.
  9. RodentRampage

    Should the B1G go to four divisions if they get to 20 teams?

    If you're going to have a Lakes division, Minnesota has better claim to that than NW, Purdue or Notre Dame.
  10. RodentRampage

    At the end of the day, we are still just human

    I remember the win over Miami OH in 2007. Yes, it was about as ugly a win as we've ever had and it wasn't a good harbinger for the season. But I enjoyed the win, because in a season like that, you took all the enjoyment you could get!
  11. RodentRampage

    Gophers vs West Virginia in Guaranteed Rate Bowl

    It's disappointing, but nothing we can do about it, so not much point in getting upset about it. Bring on West Virginia! I'll try to stay up late enough on a work day to watch.
  12. RodentRampage

    Bowl thread

    They had a bit of a gap between baseball games and decided they could squeeze a bowl game in there. I still think they should have a bowl game at the Vikings stadium. Just so long as the Gophers don't have to play in it.
  13. RodentRampage

    Gophers NOT in AP Top 25

    I agree that we have a good chance of cracking the top 25 if we win the bowl game.
  14. RodentRampage

    Jerry Kill - New Mexico State

    It depends on how much stress he puts himself under.
  15. RodentRampage


    All you people gloating - did you ever stop and think how Badgers fans are feeling right now? I think you all need to take a moment to think about just how sad and disappointed they are. Think about it and enjoy every minute.
  16. RodentRampage


    I'm surprised, they're giving the celebration a long time. It's a great visual of a happy crowd.
  17. RodentRampage

    Week 8 Other Games Thread

    The PSU Illinois game is just shows that sometimes a tie is the appropriate result.
  18. RodentRampage

    Iowa Lodging Recommendations

    We stayed at the Motel 6 in Cedar Rapids. It was OK. The rooms were spartan but clean and adequate. The beds were comfortable enough, although it had all the charm of a college dorm. One group in another room didn't have pillows. Never seen that before. Our room had pillows.
  19. RodentRampage

    Gophers to play North Dakota in 2028 & 2030

    If St. Thomas ever upgraded from non-scholarship FCS, I wouldn't mind them being in the mix.

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