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    All Things P.J. Fleck Rumor Mill Thread - Listed as Candidate for Other Jobs

    Bret Bielema Mike Locksley Greg Schiano Matt Rhule And that's just among the current head coaches.
  2. dpodoll68

    What is the number one change you'd make to the cuurrent program?

    Yes, the pass play was open for a TD if we had Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, or even Drake Maye holding the ball for us. Instead, we had Cole Kramer. I can rip the play call because you tailor your scheme and play calls to your personnel, not the other way around.
  3. dpodoll68

    Greg Johnson became the first true freshman O-lineman to play for Minnesota since Daniel Faalele in 2018

    This is not correct. Hell, Ersery started as a true freshman at RT against Nebraska in 2020, and played pretty much the whole game as I recall. Two true freshman OL played in 2019 as well - Guedet against Rutgers and Cooper against Maryland.
  4. dpodoll68

    Deep Dive of Redzone Playcalling against EMU

    In this case, it isn't on Kramer. He should not have had the option to throw, particularly considering that we were marching to potentially tie the game, our running game was carving them up, and it seemed likely that AK would be back on the field in short order. With where we were on the field...
  5. dpodoll68

    Deep Dive of Redzone Playcalling against EMU

    Things have to go perfectly for us to win against the top-tier teams regardless of the way we play.
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    What uniforms will the Gophers wear for the opener with Nebraska?

    Man, Cheryl Hines used to be so hot. Now she's had so many surgeries she looks like Marjorie Taylor Greene and she's married to one of the biggest psychos on the planet.
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    All Things 2023 Minnesota Vikings In-Season Thread

    People rightfully rip on Mauer because he destroyed any value he had by moving to 1B. In his first ten seasons, he was an all-time great catcher and a lock future HOFer, a Roy Campanella/Bill Dickey/Mickey Cochrane type player. He moved to 1B for his final five seasons and despite being among...
  8. dpodoll68

    CBS: 10 win lock totals (Minnesota over 7)

    Love the optimism, but there is no way we'll be 7-point favorites in the ILL or @PUR games. Bert is a fat piece of shit asshole, but he is also a damn good coach and I'm frankly pretty surprised that more people aren't talking about Illinois' chances to win the West. This might very well be...
  9. dpodoll68

    Northwestern Fires Pat Fitzgerald

    Yeah, Frost was so much better than Brewster. Frost was 16-31 at Nebraska and Brewster was 15-30 at Minnesota. Brewster also went to 2 bowls while Frost went to zero. Yup, Frost really proved he was vastly superior.
  10. dpodoll68

    Wyatt Gilmore Watch

    I know Randy personally, and he most certainly does not hate the Gophers. He ran track at Iowa St. (not Iowa), so he has no reason to hate the Gophers. The Shaver Fund has given many millions of dollars to cancer research at the U, and his son graduated with an MD from the U of M medical...
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    Athletic Department Contact

    I mean, come on. We're factoring in travel costs now? I didn't realize the cost of gas, tires, and oil changes went to the Gopher athletic department. Thanks for enlightening me. I wish you would just give in (as you are both wrong), but what you're saying is simply not factual. He...
  12. dpodoll68

    Athletic Department Contact

    Well yeah, if you want to guarantee your seat of choice for every game, it's going to cost a lot more than that - but that isn't what I said. In fact, it's even less than what I said in the previous post, as I just looked it up and it's less than $200 for the Gopher Pass, or ~$28.50 per game...
  13. dpodoll68

    Athletic Department Contact

    Huh? You can go to literally any Gophers home game you want for $30-40. You're being more than a little disingenuous. Of course they're going to ask for donations, just like virtually every other post-secondary institution on the planet. You are free to say no.
  14. dpodoll68

    Miles Fleming Hits The Portal

    It was both. Karl Dorrell is a nice guy who is not fit to be a head coach. His ceiling is NFL or high-major WR coach, and somehow he's talked his way into two high-major head coaching jobs. We can all testify as to how awful Mike Sanford is, and he too talked his way into yet another...
  15. dpodoll68

    Miles Fleming Hits The Portal

    It doesn't take Deion to say so. Anyone with a brain could reckon that one of the worst Power 5 teams to ever exist had a roster full of players who suck. They didn't hire him because things were going well there.
  16. dpodoll68

    Reusse: Sept. 28, 1969 - This was the day the Vikings zipped past the Gophers and put them in the rearview mirror which those Gophers now share.

    I guess everyone has their own definition of "major opponent," but I think an honest appraisal of ASU in 1969 would earn them that designation. It was the first year they won the conference to begin a run of 6 titles in 7 years, and starting in 1970 they finished the season 13th or better in the...
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    2023 Over/Under From Draft Kings

    Using last year's final Sagarin ratings, as of now they'd be huge dogs to OSU, slight dogs to @MN and @IL, and 'pick-em for IA and @WSU. That's already 5 games where they have a 50% or greater chance to lose, and that's not even factoring in an entirely new coaching staff and a vast departure...
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    Big Ten Head Coaches 2023 Ranking: Part I The Bottom Half (8. Minnesota Gophers PJ Fleck)

    Dipshits (including apparently OTE, who should know better) still think almost a decade later that it was a Gophers coach - many even think it was Claeys himself - eating a Dilly bar on the sidelines during the actual course of a competitive game.
  19. dpodoll68

    Koi Perich Commits to Gophers!!!!!!!!!

    Highly recruited (multiple listed Power 5 offers, not necessarily 4-star) players from outstate MN (using Rivals since 247's site is screwed up for historical searches) since 2003: 2003 John Carlson, Litchfield (Notre Dame) 2004 Lydon Murtha, Hutchinson (Nebraska) 2004 Nathan Swift, Hutchinson...

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