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    What defense were they playing in the fourth quarter. I don't know but it sure looked like they were playing a soft zone, no big plays, lots of holes underneath. Sit back and watch them beat us seemed to be what they were doing.
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    Football is such a momentum game, you take that away and anything can happen, when you play not to lose sometimes you do.
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    Shooter: Don’t think Gophers basketball’s 6-9 sophomore Pharrell Payne isn’t going to get mega-NIL offers elsewhere after the season

    SMU has a backing similar to Texas and Texas A&M as far as money goes. Much deeper pockets than any of the other schools in Texas. If the big money donors decide they want a winner in today's world I don't doubt it is going to happen.
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    EJ Walker Visit

    Right now they only have two scholarships for 2024, I know you can assume a couple more are going to open up and over commit or wait until t happens and fill from the portal which is what I believe the Gopher staff is doing. If they aren't going to over commit with high school kids grab the ones...
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    All Things Class of 2025 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    If he committed to Miami then Minnesota probably wouldn't of even had enough for the down-payment on the NIL much less the total amount. Even if his skills were a match no mystery to me why no offer.
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    EJ Walker Visit

    Seems to me they prioritized Asuma over Freitag, Robison was never comming to the U, not sure about McAndrews, he would be a miss to me, maybe they just liked Grove more. Asuma and Grove commited pretty quickly though. Just because the recruiting sites rated other guys higher doesn't mean the...
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    Most cost effective way to watch Gopher Football at home.

    If you use a free streaming site you might want to make sure you have a VPN runnlng.
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    Minnesota needs an OC

    Agree, when you can't run the ball play calling gets pretty tough. If they can figure out a way to establish even a decent running game this offense could be very good.
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    How long before football completely splits off and stops paying for the non-revenue sports?

    I agree, Football and Basketball will follow the existing conference structure, that's what the TV contracts are paying for. Some regions will include Hockey while others will include Baseball where you can play up. Womens side will be Volleyball and Basketball with Hockey or Softball being the...
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    NIL Money and Miami - Some Background on the $10 Million Spent

    High major players in the transfer portal and NIL. Looks like 200k is almost expected.
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    Andy Katz podcast with Ben Johnson

    The roster was retooled to address that problem. He shouldn't have to guard a guy like Crowl this year. When they go against teams like Wisconsin, Purdue, or Illinois that have a of big man in the middle Wilson should be more than capable of holding his own when Payne is in foul trouble or needs...
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    What are you most looking forward to this season?

    More ball movement offensively, less breakdowns on defense.
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    Andy Katz podcast with Ben Johnson

    When Battle and Garcia were healthy they played tough, with Carrington getting experience and recovering from his injuries I thought they were decent. Losing Battle hurts but the year of experience and additions to the roster should more than compensate for that. Another slew of injuries like...
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    Jackson Purcell scholly and the softball game

    With the With the COVID extra year is Ihnen using it and if so does it count against the 13.
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    All Things 2024 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread - Videos, Tweets, Articles, Rumors, Analysis and More

    I'm glad he's not going to be in the Big Ten, especially not Wisconsin.
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    Athlon Sports reports Clemson, Florida State, Oregon, and Washington

    They are, not sure it matters anymore though, the new additions to the conference have all been land grant schools, Nebraska, Rutgers, Penn State, and Maryland until now. USC is not but UCLA is.
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    Kadyn Betts

    I think this Betts thing is getting out of hand. He might be a nice fourth option on the team if he exceeds expectations.
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    Shooter: Andrew Rohde is getting $450K over 3 years in NIL money at Virginia

    Exactly, P5 football and basketball players are starting to get what they deserve. Historically wrestling, tennis, gymnastics etc. athletes have benefited from the skills of these players. The basketball and football players are starting to get what they deserve without hurting the nonrevenue...

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