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  1. WestTexasGopher

    Nathan Jones update

    Just so we are reminded of what type of kid we are getting with Nathan. Just helped his Brock track and field team win TX state championship. Bottom tweet says it all.
  2. WestTexasGopher

    "It would probably be wise for receivers to remember to not taunt the former Golden Gopher in the future."

    This was included in the Gophers in the Super Bowl thread, but it was kinda deep and was so good I didn't want it to be lost on anyone. So, I'm reposting it here...
  3. WestTexasGopher

    The amazing success of AW Jr.

    When he signed with us, I think we all knew he could be something special. Then, he became an All-Big Ten db. Then an All American. He was the 4th safety taken, the 45th pick, which is as high as a Gopher for a very long time (I think since Maroney in '06). Now he has made the NFL All-Rookie...
  4. WestTexasGopher

    Pure genius poke at Nebraska and Michigan

    Don't know if this has already been posted yet but it takes a stab at Nebraska and Michigan, so thought it worth putting here. This one is great too (love the Nebraska reference here too!).
  5. WestTexasGopher

    How much $ will the U lose due to Covid-19?

    Wonder if anything like this has been shared or written regarding the U's situation. Does anyone know? TCU expects $90 million shortfall to budget
  6. WestTexasGopher

    AWJ combine workout video

    I like Rich Eisen's comment toward the end of the video of AWJ's workout ( "Ok, Antoine Winfield Junior's been having a heck of a day. I mean, doing everything just spot on."
  7. WestTexasGopher

    TJ Draft grade puts him at #2 ranked WR

    If you go to his page on You can watch the video "Next Gen Stats: Ranking 2020 receiver prospects by draft metrics". TJ is #2 with a 92 draft score, behind only Lamb of OU!
  8. WestTexasGopher

    "Tyler Johnson smoked Smoke Monday...on a Wednesday."

    I occasionally listen to Mark Rogers, who does some decent analysis. Go to the 4:00 mark to hear the best line of his commentary on the game.
  9. WestTexasGopher

    How'd we do vs. that Auburn D?

    We all know this was as good a defense as we've faced all season. I was impressed by our OL play and also the gameplan. So, I went and looked at how we did over against other major opponents Auburn played this season. Here's a chart of how other offenses did vs. the Auburn D. Spoiler alert- we...
  10. WestTexasGopher

    Star ratings and All-Big Ten selections

    Saw something posted recently that noted how Jonathan Taylor was "only" a 3-star recruit. It got me thinking about how this year's All-Big Ten selections were rated coming out of high school. So, I took the composite ratings from 24/7 for each of this year's All-Big Ten team. I don't know what...
  11. WestTexasGopher

    Becoming the WR-U of the B1G West

    So, top WR schools (per since 2000 in the Big Ten are: OSU, MSU, Michigan, Penn St., and Wisconsin. Our coaches clearly know how to get WRs into the NFL and with 2 (3 if CAB...
  12. WestTexasGopher

    Talent on the rise?

    We've had a couple of excellent years (2016, 2014), but the talent increase evidenced in this year’s selections bodes well for the future! 2019 Tanner Morgan, Minnesota (Coaches-2; Media-2) Rodney Smith, Minnesota (Coaches-2; Media-2) Rashod Bateman, Minnesota (Coaches-1; Media-1) Tyler...
  13. WestTexasGopher

    All Big-Ten team offense

    Bateman and TJ sweep the WRs (wondering when that has ever happened for any WR duo?) Tanner and Rodney both make 2nd team Blaise Andries 3rd team Honorable Mentions go to Dunlap, Faalele, Olson, and Schlueter Best Gopher showing in a long time...
  14. WestTexasGopher

    All-Big Ten predictions

    Awards should be announced soon. Last year, we had 6 make teams (TJ, 2nd; Coughlin, 2nd; Cashman, 3rd; Honorable mention, D. Green, Herbers, and Huff). What are your predictions for this season? I'm thinking: Offense- Bateman, TJ, Morgan, Smith (one of our WRs has got to be 1st team)...
  15. WestTexasGopher

    Thinking about Special Teams

    Our offense was white-hot for most of the season. Our defense seemed solid. But our special teams were lacking significantly. Here are our national rankings (per Football Outsiders' rating system ) over the last four years: 2016-19th (4th in the Big Ten) 2017-14th (3rd in the Big Ten) 2018-10th...
  16. WestTexasGopher

    Greatest single season of passing in Gopher history?

    So, seeing that Tanner was nominated for the O'Brien award got me thinking about how he might end the season if we project forward based on his current averages (I do understand that the future isn't usually a simple projection forward of the present). But, let's do it anyway. :) Here are...
  17. WestTexasGopher

    Maestro Morgan

    Bleed (see the thread) posted a link and summary of a very nice article in the Penn-Live Patriot News ( Thank you, David Jones, for you are...
  18. WestTexasGopher

    When was the last time?

    ...a ranked Gophers team played at home vs. a Top-10 team? I'm thinking it has been quite a while. Certainly has never happened at TCF, right? Did it happen during Holtz's last season? In other words, the Penn State game is a pretty big deal, provided we and PSU both win this week.
  19. WestTexasGopher

    First half passing yardage

    Ok, all you stats nerds. When was the last time we had this many yards (298) in a first half of a Big Ten game?
  20. WestTexasGopher

    Jets- Great Blake Cashman feature

    Don't recall seeing this posted.

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