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    UPDATED: Accepted changes: NCAA WBB Rules Committee Proposed Rule Changes for 2023-24 This season's rule changes and points of emphasis:
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    Other B1G Team Notes 2023-24 An Illini roster review
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    Spring Catch-up; Summer Session Schedule Fall practice begins August 7
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    Braun Selected for US 3on3 Trials Braun selected for U21 team headed to China
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    STrib: Gopher Women's Gymnastics Could Get New Training Facility
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    2023 Non-conference schedule

    2023 Non-Conference Schedule: Friday, Aug. 18 vs. Northern Iowa - 6 p.m. CT (Exhibition) Friday, Aug. 25 vs. TCU - 7 p.m. CT (Big Ten/Big 12 Challenge) Saturday, Aug. 26 vs. Baylor - 7 p.m. CT (Big Ten/Big 12 Challenge) Tuesday, Aug. 29 vs. Texas - TBA Sunday, Sept. 3 at Florida - 12:30 p.m. CT...
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    Song Writer Cynthia Weil Dies at 82 Here's a couple of songs: "On Broadway": Weil and Barry Mann teamed with Lieber and Stoller. "We've to get outta this place' was written by Weil and Mann.
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    Other B1G Team Notes 2023-24 Northwestern adds Boston University grad transfer Maggie Pina:
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    Other B1G Team Notes 2023-24 Teri Moren contract extension
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    Other B1G Team Notes 2023-24

    Cool. Welcome back
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    Iowa 2023-24 Goetz named as interim AD
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    Update: Hello Malibu: Mi'Cole Cayton Signs with Minnesota

    Mi'Cole Cayton will finish her career at Pepperdine
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    Iowa 2023-24 Will Beth Goetz be Iowa's next AD?
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    Other B1G Team Notes 2023-24 Some pre-summer session Lady Lions lineup speculation.
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    Other B1G Team Notes 2023-24 Speaking of sisters, the Reynolds sisters signed with the Boilers.
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    Gopher Volleyball 2023 Season

    Schedule info should have its own thread. One of the primary benefits of a volleyball board is that we can dispense with or at least reduce the unwieldy length of multiple topic season threads
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    STrib: Club Volleyballs Vast World Jeff Day:
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    Other B1G Team Notes 2023-24 Returning to B1G news. Ohio State lands a Kentucky transfer (sister of highly recruited 2024 Jaloni Cambridge)

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