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    Gophers offering bricks between $600-$2,500 to pay off Athletes Village debt

    They are going to make a lot of money because they have an endless supply of bricks to sell that are launched from the free throw line every game.
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    Official Brad Davison is a Tool Thread

    Google ‘Brad Davison nut punch‘is all you need to do and see one last year and the more infamous one his Soph year against Marquette. After the Marquette nut punch he said i know him and we are good friends inferring why would he do it to him, the Marquette player said we have never been friends.
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    King-Sized Bits: The basketbrawl that changed the country (1972 Gophers-Buckeyes brawl)

    I realize that this is off topic about the thread’s subject but this has to be called out. What the hell does “reaction score” on Gopherhole mean? Reaction score, whatever the hell defines it, is a totally worthless metric. It is especially worthless here in this case. A responder to this...
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    John Shipley: Gophers’ Richard Pitino has built a good team, but the blueprint isn’t sustainable

    Isn’t the future going to mean a lot more transfers for teams in power conferences?
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    Dane Mizutani: We better enjoy Gophers basketball star Marcus Carr while we can

    Spud Webb was 5’7” all 13 years he was in the NBA.
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    Rankings are not meaningless. The rankings indicate that the Gophers are getting noticed by others who don’t typically follow the Gophers.
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    Defense looks solid, and Garza at 2-8 and just 5, promising.
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    Marcus Carr is picked preseason All-Big Ten 1st team by Lindys sports mag

    Nice to see! We will enjoy seeing him lead the team this year!
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    Andre Hollins announces retirement from basketball: Thank you Basketball for giving me the opportunity to live a life I never would’ve thought Id have

    Never will forget sitting out in a hunting shack on a Friday after Thanksgiving in 2012 and listening to him on a radio put up the 41 points vs Memphis.
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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    Or the movie “Bluechips” Staring Nick Nolte
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    Your all-time favorite Gopher basketball player

    No question, he was the guy who during the NCAA run that his teammates went to to bring the ball up late in the games, and during that stretch of games it seemed that he shot a season of free throws and made them all during that run.
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    Big Ten Tournament cancelled

    My mistake, maybe my wishful thinking.
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    Big Ten Tournament cancelled

    Are the Gophers conference tournament champions? They had the highest seed of any team that won in the tournament? Therefore, the Gophers qualified for the NCAA tournament if it gets played.
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    Pitino coming back

    Good news! Now if everyone stays and Gabe finds his shot again look out!

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