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    Big Ten MBB reset: Minnesota lost talent, does it have core to move out of cellar?

    I don’t know, but I kinda wish he was our coach.
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    Eden Prairie Coach

    You mean the best state in America for education?
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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    Yes, we must tolerate murders. It’s been called that by major media since the 80’s when we really did have one of the highest murder rates in the nation.
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    Jamison Battle to enter the Transfer Portal

    I believe that the guy who took Cooper’s place at guard for Morehead State was named this year’s league player of the year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Copper moved out of MS because he saw his future playing time dropping.
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    Reusse Gopher Basketball Insights - Transfer Gossip, NIL Money, Facilities, Dutcher, Musselman ETC

    Penn State, not Penn. Amazingly, they’re both rated higher than Princeton and Duke. I think they’re mistaken.
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    He was Souhan’s decision.
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    Eden Prairie Coach

    What’s weird is if you say “n word” everyone knows what the word referred to actually is. It’s playing in our heads when that expression is used. The most offensive use, IMHO, is when a person is called that offensive name. I think things would improve if ALL races stopped using it. It...
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    Uh, they were the top offensive team in the country until they ran into the Gopher Machine.
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    If only the other teams won’t get better too.
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    All Things Former Gophers Thread

    In other words, their start is like last year’s Gophers’ start.
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    If you want talk about bad teams, Monson’s last (which cost him his job early in the season) was the epitome of awful.
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    They’ll have season-ending injuries. They’re gophers.
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    And a squirrel.
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    Vitale: My CUPCAKE CITY AWARD for playing in pre conference cupcakes goes to Gopher basketball

    I was, unfortunately, there. I do recall that within a few seasons we played the UC-Davis Anteaters, who were horrid. We got some grief over that.
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    Gophers among favorites to land 4-star 2023 center Dennis Evans

    Hey, at least I didn’t mention the time I beat Magic Johnson in a one-on-one game back in the 70’s. Now THAT would be bragging.
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    Gophers among favorites to land 4-star 2023 center Dennis Evans

    Dined with Richard after outpacing him in a tennis tournament. Very nice, smart guy. Really liked him. Glad Amir doing well.
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    bad news coming for hoops

    Maybe one of the guys is pregnant?
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    Shooter: The Big 12 Conference is said to be quietly seeking the Gophers, but Minnesota can’t afford the revenue loss of a new BTN deal.

    Go back and forth (link to page, link to page). After maybe 10 repetitions it will stop fighting you and let you read for free.

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