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    Which Gophers will transfer?

    To find out who is going to transfer....just ask them at a press conference......Its been done before.
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    Scout Team POY?

    I think it was Lamonte Edwards
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    Bowl Game Projections?

    We will somehow get dropped to the Pinstripe.
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    Say something nice about Iowa (2022 Edition)

    They don't molest ALL farm animals.
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    The 2022-23 Gopher basketball season will be a success if?...

    If we beat Western Michigan. Success!!!!!!!
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    All time gopher team from your time as a fan?

    Since the early 80's. QB- Rickey Foggie RB- Mo WR- Omar Douglas TE- Maxx Williams OL- Zac Epping DL- Karon Riley LB- Jack Gibbens DB- Antoine Winfield JR ST- Chip Lohmiller Coach- PJ
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    Is Athan Kaliakmanis ready? | Gopherhole

    Quite the feat considering Illinois did not have a prep season in 2020.
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    Big Ten West teams are mild, but division race could be wild

    I think this is kind of a rationalization to say we took it for granted. It is really a condemnation of our coaching staff to say they didn't have the team mentally prepared. We were simply outplayed in all phases. To me the jury is still out on how good we are. I like how our schedule lines...
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    Tanner’s arm strength

    His kick was a bit off though
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    Running Back

    He has been hurt.
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    Predict the Score Thread: Purdue at Minnesota

    Gophers 28 Purdue 20 I like how we've looked, but I need to see a little more to fully buy in.
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    Getting Something That’s 5 lbs?

    The chip that used to reside on Jerry Kill's shoulder?
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    Minnesota at Michigan State line prediction, MSU opens as 3 point favorites

    The line swinging from MSU -1.5 to MN -2.5 is a pretty big swing. We know where the sharp money is coming down!!!!!!!
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    Gophers new black uniforms expected to debut week one against New Mexico State. 🔥🔥🔥 (video)

    Am I only one who doesn't really give a $h!t and just want to win?
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    Best Gopher team ever

    Although I don't think they were quite as good, I would like to give a shout out to the 1981-1982 squad. Breuer, Tucker, Mitchell. If Mark Hall had been full strength they would have been right there.

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