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    There Is More To Build On Than Most Think

    I know that was not the ending that we were hoping for today against PSU, but what a comeback and what heart we showed late. I think Linds can build on that and there is hope for the future. Falling behind early did us in otherwise we win.
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    B1G Tournament Game 1: Gophers vs Penn State (3-1-23)

    Here they come!!!! These ladies are so special!!! They are going to do it!!!!
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    B1G Tournament Game 1: Gophers vs Penn State (3-1-23)

    We are going to find a way!!!!!! Let's go!!!!
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    It Starts Today - We Will Finish 4-1 Minimum In Final 5

    It all starts today - we have a favorable schedule down the stretch and at a minimum, we are going to win four of our last 5 and gain some momentum heading into the Big Ten Tournament. This is the time to rally around these women and watch them shine! The only game even remotely in doubt is at...
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    We Will Turn This Around

    Gotta kill the negativity. We're going to be okay. Linds will figure it out. It just takes time. My gosh. Everyone is so impatient. I can hear them already - "We have to win!!! And we have to win now!!!!" Have you ever considered how hard winning actually is? Do you not think other teams aren't...
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    Trey Potts - UPDATED With Statement from the U

    Football for TP at this point is irrelevant. Just want him to recover for his future life endeavors. Prayers up for our guy.
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    In The Words Of Mike Ditka......

    I'll take the luck, I'm sick of the skill. Just enjoy it, friends. Just enjoy it. We can break it all down later. Little bit of sunshine in what was a dark season. Ski-U-Mah, RTB, Go Gophers!!!
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    Starting just like 2019 except without the wins

    I think we have to give some consideration to the fact that we were beyond fortunate last year to be 3-0 after stunningly disappointing wins over our 3 non-conference teams. SDSU fumbled the game away, Fresno couldn't stop a 4th and long to end the game and GA Southern couldn't stop 3rd and...
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    Seven Years of the Row the Boat Culture

    And at Western Michigan.......and wherever he goes next.
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    Seven Years of the Row the Boat Culture

    We might as well be called Western Minnesota with this graphic.
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    All Things Bowl Game Speculation

    These take into consideration who recently played in the bowls the Big Ten is aligned with as the Conference now tries to send teams to different bowls. This also assumes OSU beats Wisconsin in BT Championship. CFP - Ohio State Rose - PSU (Wisconsin should drop past PSU with a loss and even if...
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    We Are Still Champions

    I'm with PJ. Baby steps. We are still Big Ten West Co-Champions no matter how you look at it. A few years ago we never would have dreamed of it. We had Gameday here. Freakin Gameday!!!! Corso wore our mascot head!!! Think about that. Nothing to hang our heads for. We are going to go to a great...
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    2021 - 4 star ATH Justice Sullivan gives verbal to Iowa

    Good point my friend. You are absolutely right. Good input and a long way to go before the pen hits the paper.
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    2021 - 4 star ATH Justice Sullivan gives verbal to Iowa

    Great. We have two 4 stars in the 2021 class and they are committed to Wisconsin and Iowa. Good grief.
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    The Gophers better watch out vs. the Cats

    Minnesota opened up as only 12-point favorites against this terrible team. Anyone thinking this game is some walk in the park doesn't know history and therefore could be doomed to repeat it. Never good to play a team like NW sandwiched between our two biggest rivals.
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    First game at Kinnick

    1st trip to Kinnick. I don't know about that place. Overrated. All the fans there made it soooo cramped. I almost got a bit claustrophobic because there were people all around me and people all around them! Sure am glad to be back at the Bank in a few weeks against Wisco. It's always nice to...
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    Glen Mason Territory

    Interesting column on "Glen Mason Territory". For most ADs these days, they are selling hope over results, over and over again.
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    Dream Scenario

    UT AD John Currie can't pull in the big name coach that he thinks he can after firing Butch Jones and after watching other schools start picking off the better candidates, he throws big bucks at PJ and hires him away from Minnesota to coach the Vols. Coyle comes back strong by bringing Kevin...
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    And everybody falls in line just like always

    Just like it always plays out, all the threats of players transferring and a continued revolt and "nobody wanting to play for this administration" was just as real as the players vowing not to play the bowl game unless the 10 players suspensions were lifted. The fear of everyone transferring was...

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