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    Transfer Portal

    I’m wondering if the transfer portal thing will slow down a bit in another year or so. Rationale is that next year’s senior class will be the last class that has the COVID year of eligibility.
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    NCAA Tournament 2022-23

    Are you watching ESPN? If so, turn to ABC.
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    NCAA Tournament 2022-23

    Cheering for LSU
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    Coach P will be on KFAN Today

    Oh yeah. In my head I counted the 4 freshies and now I realize that doesn’t quite work 😂
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    The NIL Era Begins. ESPN: Social Media Stardom:

    10 year old daughter of Hannah (Garry) Lechner inks NIL deal
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    Coach P will be on KFAN Today

    Just listened. Great interview! She said there are 4 coming in next year, so it sounds like everyone is keeping their commitment (less Dom) and then the addition of Grace. I thought I heard her say there’s only 5 healthy players, so not sure if either Sophie or Maggie is injured? November cannot...
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    Kadi Sissoko enters the transfer portal

    Looks like Kadi is heading for the WNBA
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    Coach to be named as soon as this weekend?

    Bowling Green is still in the WNIT, so must not be Fralick.
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    Megan Duffy

    I thought that was Chloe Marotta
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    Megan Duffy

    Can she bring Emily La Chapell with her? Would love to have another 3 pt shooter!
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    Rose into the Portal

    I wonder if she’ll go wherever Shimmy ends up
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    Megan Duffy

    My daughter is a senior at Marquette, so she gets a bit salty when I say that Megan might be our next coach 😂
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    Megan Duffy

    For Marquette to get to the Sweet 16, they would have to beat #1 South Carolina. I’m thinking she’ll be available within a week.
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    BREAKING: Mark Coyle and Lindsay Whalen announced today that Whalen will step down as head coach, effective immediately.

    I just listened to Scoggins on KFAN. While he’s surprised that this is happening now and thought she’d get another year, he was also disturbed that there didn’t seem to be noticeable improvement at the end of the year. Yes, these kids are freshmen, but they should also be showing improvement in...
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    Scoggins: Give Whalen One More Year

    While I’m leaning more towards the fire Whalen side of the fence, I’m wondering what the players, especially the freshmen, think of Whalen’s ability to coach. They have obviously experienced many different coaches in their lifetimes. Do they also think her inept?
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    Gopher WBB 2023-2024

    March 14 - May 12 is the window for entering the portal and getting the one-time transfer exception. Should be an interesting couple of months.
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    STrib: Whalen promises good things are coming; Freshmen insist they're not leaving

    Here’s what I don’t understand about the bigger/stronger comments: Don’t they start working out with the coaches in the summer? Wouldn’t they be bigger/stronger already? And if they don’t start with the coaches in the summer due to some sort of NCAA regulation, couldn’t the coaches at least give...
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    B1G Game 17: Gophers Visit Michigan State (2-22-23)

    What a shot at the end of the half!

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