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    Who would win a 40 yard dash sprint?

    Can't believe Kristoff Kowalkowski's high school friend/dad didn't make the cut.
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    HS Football Update - sort of

    I'm pretty far in the dark on MSHSL football scheduling nuances, but I'm assuming Mayo going to 6A would mean losing the regular season games against Century and JM. That would be a damn shame.
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    We have too Many Distractions

    Nova is in the equivalent of Eden Prarie, definitely would not consider it part of Philadelphia (at least not in the way Georgetown is in DC - - I'm not familiar with LA).
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    QB Recruiting Under Fleck

    How does he compare to Kristoff Kowalkowski?
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    What is

    I'm sure they did (and probably and earn-out period as well), but it's probably no coincidence that it's been a few years since the sale and on3 is just getting spun up.
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    Media Prediction Thread: Pinstripe Bowl - Minnesota vs Syracuse

    The spread doesn't change, but which side they list represents which bet they expect to win. Typically if someone is just communicating the spread, they will either always list the home team or always list the favorite, but if someone is making a pick they will state the bet the are suggesting...
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    Tweet: NYC bowl game, band gets 1 night housing then late flight home, arriving 2am to MN winter & closed dorms. The level of CHEAP is mind boggling.

    Not a particularly relevant comparison, since PhD students are university employees in fundamental ways that undergraduate band members and football players are not.
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    I am expecting the opposite trajectory for this season compared to last--working through growing pains and melding as a team as the season goes on, versus lack of talent/potential being exposed as other teams find their stride. If that doesn't happen, I'll reassess how I feel about the staff.
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    Erick All (Michigan TE) enters Transfer Portal With a Message

    St. Juste, if this was a serious question.
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    Official 2023 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Was a top lacrosse prospect for most of high school and was committed to Notre Dame. Relatively new to football.
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    Markus Allen Commits to the Gophers

    You sure that wasn't Walley?
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    I'm surprised it took so long for the stat descrepancies to come up. For example, I'm certain TT had at least one high-low feed to Payne for a dunk--I'm not certain what the scoring guidelines are, but as a fan, I absolutely expected it to be scored as an assist. Similarly, the announcers called...
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    I'm now stuck trying to figure out why our timeouts on the chyron are twice as large as CBU's.
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    I liked when they said Payne was a redshirt junior. Sure looks like it.
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    Outland Trophy Names 7 Finalists

    Oh weird. I assumed "interior lineman" meant center or guard. How do you evaluate the best OT versus the best nose tackle? And how is an OT an "interior lineman"?
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    Mickey Joseph: “You got to recruit your ass off. We ain’t chasing Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. We are chasing Ohio State.”

    From a recruiting standpoint, I'm not sure this is wrong (at least over the past five years or so). Frost had a pretty clear advantage in recruiting rankings over the rest of the West; where they were "chasing Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin" was in the B1G standings.

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