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    Expectations for Cam Christie in yr 1?

    My hope for Christie is that he has the same impact Nate Mason made his freshman year. Not a lot of mistakes and positive contributions to the team.
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    Post Free Agency Declare/Pre NBA Draft Decision Big Ten Standings Projection

    Wisconsin being projected as fourth is ridiculous. The Gophers damn near beat them twice last year. They will end up closer to weakling Wednesday than 4th.
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    STrib: Gophers men's basketball team can't wait to unveil redshirt freshman Kadyn Betts

    If I remember correctly doesn’t he have some family here. Hopefully that keeps him grounded.
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    UWGB hires PJ for hoops?

    Hideous sideburns.
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    Former Gopher basketball player and MN legend Bud Grant passes away

    Growing up, he was a hero to me. His common sense approach to life. His stoic demeanor while chaos ensued on the field. He will be missed dearly.
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    Putting your 2022-23 expectations out there

    How about no more stupid posts from you until 2027?
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    Why this team should play zone

    Well that’s your opinion. Let me ask you something. Are you drunk or just naturally brain damaged?
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    Why this team should play zone

    I’m thinking that if we had a healthy Ihnen and Fox that the teams rebounding and defense would be better just because of experience. I know it doesn’t address other guards blowing by our guards. Hopefully through the portal we attract some better guards.
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    2022-23 Gopher Half Glass Full Discussion

    One more thing that is different this year is no Payton Willis. At times he could take over a game. There is no one like that on the team this year.
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    I listened to the game on the radio and at the beginning Mike Grimm was saying Garcia was playing ill.
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    And something you should be very familiar with Losers lose.
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    Mic'd Up Monday: Treyton Thompson

    Parker Fox with the dad joke. He seems like a good glue guy for the team.
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    Jack Robinson commits to Wisconsin

    Well stated. As often as I have read this board l’m pretty sure that if a lot of these guys had committed to the Gophers they would have been criticized for not living up to expectations.
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    That was a great read! Thanks for post double H.
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    DENNIS EVANS A GOPHER!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m in agreement with your assessment of Ben and his abilities. As far as Winter is concerned, to be honest he wasn’t good enough to be part of this class. 4 stars or better baby !
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    Johnson says Isaiah Ihnen would've likely started at the 2

    I liked you better when you were banned.

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