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    Guess the Ws record for BJs first year.

    Man, I'm not sure we'll get to double digits
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    UGH! Ihnen Suffers Season-Ending Injury

    This is really really tough. I've been going to every game every season since I was a kid. Gave up my tickets this year just because I didn't feel the cost was justified, and I knew this season was going to be rough. But I was always hoping they'd turn it around quick. I hope Johnson has a...
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    Gophers guard Both Gach is expected to enter the transfer portal

    There's no way this is anything other than bad. Not saying Ben can't fix it, but what a cataclysmic beginning to your first coaching job. I feel for him.
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    New Transfer Commit: Luke Loewe from W&M

    It's pretty telling how much our local media is pulling for Coach Johnson. I'm supporting him 100% because he is the program, but I still have my doubts. I hope Loewe is amazing for us, but I can't say his stats have me overwhelmed with joy. But some of the reports from people like Doogie are...
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    I'm disappointed in this hire, but will definitely support Ben. He seems like a good guy, and I certainly hope he surprises me. But I'd hope even he'd understand why people who were hoping for a splash would be surprised and a bit disappointed by somebody with no resume.
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    I sincerely am bemused by this selection. This can't just be because AAU coaches in town said they liked Ben Johnson personally, can it?
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    Looking forward to next year

    I think we will be much improved next year. A lot of young guys on D, some very unusual circumstances this year, some talent coming in next year, I think things will improve.
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    Football Stinks Anyways. Let's Play Basketball

    Football has been extremely disappointing, so I'm ready for basketball to start.
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    Zion Williamon's former agent alleges he received impermissible benefits

    And I assume the same is true to a lesser extent for kids like Hurt. Again, I don't blame them, I'd probably be tempted by the money too. But it's a reflection on all involved.
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    2020-2021 Lineup Breakdown

    We will have a lot of options it sounds like. Assuming the normal amount of injuries and bad luck for the Gophers, we should still have some people who can step in and be useful. I like how the team all of a sudden has some shooting. I hope Mashburn can contribute right away. Let's not...
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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    Oh is it possible Kerwin isn't being paid to UNC? And hasn't been promised a fraudulent class system? Certainly it is possible, and perhaps the charitable thing is to assume he is the exception. Again, I think it's safe to presume that since most top recruits who go to these schools are...
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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    Agreed. Any kid that goes to UNC or Kansas or Arizona or Duke is presumptively a cheater, and not somebody I would root for. Now, granted, would I maybe do the same thing? Who knows. Money is a powerful draw, as is the possibility of not having to worry about going to class, etc. And of...
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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    Quincy Lewis is adored around here. So is John Thomas. So is Trevor. Is anybody giving love to Jordan Taylor or like, Jon Leuer if they see them around town? I doubt it. There's value to that.
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    This team reminds me of the 2009-2010 Michigan Wolverines

    I've been a Pitino defender. He's had some bad luck, and he's gotten us some good results. And I didn't have high expectations for this year. But I'm at the point where if they bring him back, fine, and if they don't bring him back, fine. He really struggles to coach late in games, and that...
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    PP: Gophers basketball team needs more from its reserves, and Isaiah Ihnen stepping up

    I still have a lot of hope that Omersa can turn into a good energy player by the end of his four years here. The guy I kind of hope he turns into is J'son Stamper. Energy, physicality, toughness, and eventually, a little bit of offense.
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    Journal Sentinel: The return to Minnesota is bound to be a doozy for UW guard Brad Davison after his suspension

    Doogie has been kind of quiet on his favorite college basketball player of late.
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    Official Brad Davison is a Tool Thread

    Yeah, he really needs to be suspended. Otherwise somebody is going to deck him in a game. And rightfully so. It's kind of hilarious that all the sanctimonious Badger fans who over the years were saying that their player simply COULDN'T have meant to step under Andre Hollins and ruin his ankle...
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    Former Minnesota HS player starting on a top 5 team, and his name isn't Jones.

    As a Carleton alum, I've enjoyed seeing them get some national press, although it's strange to see it related to basketball rather than ultimate frisbee.
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    Demir has really impressed me so far. I was very down on him early, but I should've shown patience. He's playing a mature, smart, effective game, and minimizing his limitations. There's a lot of Joey King to him, but with more ability to score down low, and not as good with the outside...

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