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    Active Shooter at Michigan State University

    Izzo's speech to MSU campus gathering:
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    New Mexico St is suspending it’s basketball season until further notice

    Two things to be corrected . . . first, the shooting happened the night BEFORE the game, so the question is why four of the players were there in a car rather than the team bus. Second, Gopher fans of a certain age know that players don't just shower, dress and leave town . . . when they are...
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    2022-2023 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    Here's an amusing Barstool blog about Eastern Illinois' upset of Iowa. I can't vouch for accuracy, but their college hoops blogger submits that this EIU win as a 31.5 point dog sets a modern day record, home or away. Couldn't happen to a better foe. I wish I had watched the game just to see...
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    Tubby Smith on Minnesota: "It may be the first or second toughest job in the Big Ten."

    Ssounds like you are describing Wisconsin when Bennett took over and the old Fieldhouse was half empty.
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    Who to cheer for? Iowa or Wisconsin?

    Furthermore, no self-respecting Gopher fan, or any fan for that matter, should be voting hoping for injuries to college players. Low rent poll by the OP.
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    Jamison Battle: Hey everyone, earlier today my bike was stolen while I was in class.

    Believe it or not, old Honda Accords and Civics are usually among the top 5 stolen cars in any given year . . . not because the thieves want to drive them, but because there are so many of them on the road, there is a huge market for used parts. Others in the top 5 are usually Toyota Camry and...
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    Scintillating title for this thread!
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    Gopher football Mount Rushmore

    First, I was being sarcastic, bro. Second, actually a lot of people care, and depending on your point of view it could be a good thing, or not.
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    Gopher football Mount Rushmore

    According to Jalen Rose, we shouldn't be using "Mount Rushmore" to describe all-time greats, and you guys are all racist:
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    Gopher Basketball Mount Rushmore

    According to Jalen Rose, we should not be using the term "Mount Rushmore" to describe all-time greats, and you guys are all racist.
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    Dwayne Haskins, a standout at Ohio State died this morning when he got hit by a car

    . . . at 6:30 in the morning? Per 7 News WSVN in Miami, "Traffic homicide investigators are investigating . . ."
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    The Emmy !!

    Worst take ever . . . except perhaps Bilas complaining about Buddy Boeheim's suspension for his gut punch.
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    Official Brad Davison is a Tool Thread

    Davison's ears look bigger than usual today.
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    College Basketball 2021-2022 Thread

    I just had a chance to look at the box score of last night's Iowa 110-87 win over Maryland. It's pretty unusual for there to be two 30 point scorers for one team in college ball, but Keegan Murray and Jordan Bohannon did it with some pretty impressive stats. Murray was 12 of 14 from the field...
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    Official Brad Davison is a Tool Thread

    Agree that was a bad call. Probably a make-up for the non-call on Davis' bloody nose.
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    Official Brad Davison is a Tool Thread

    You need to work on your reading comprehension.
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    Official Brad Davison is a Tool Thread

    The broadcast announcers said the officials explained that the foul was called because of contact in the hip area, not the foot.
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    Gopher BB

    Speaking of "old man yells at cloud", does GopherHole give an award for the best, most descriptive thread title of the year?? Gopher BB should be in the running!
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    He’s baaack!!

    So does this.
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    I've entered the Fan Transfer Portal

    Here's an actual letter from a third grade kid from Tennessee entering the fan transfer portal, trying to get Lane Kiffin to recruit him switch allegiance to Ole' Miss...

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