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    BREAKING!!!! Dennis Evans ask for release….

    According to EduRank here are the Top U of M alumni. Lets make some phone calls and get that NIL budget going. Sad, (no billionaires?) - but if the University ever made an action movie we got a star studded cast. 1. Brock Lesnar 2. Jessica Lange 3. Ron Pearlman 4. Ric Flair 5. Kris Humphries...
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    Cambria Classic 2023

    Just wanted to give roses to whoever books the Cambria Classic; Vandy and Ole Miss - nice pull! Hawaii would be a fun watch as well. I plan on going to a few games next weekend. Not expecting the Gophers to do much in this tough pool play that also features Nebraska and Maryland. Hope the Gophs...
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    BREAKING!!!! Dennis Evans ask for release….

    I thought the whole point to give Ben a chance was to prove how great a recruiter he was - especially with in-state talent? If Christie leaves that will really be a kill shot to the program. Can we start a separate thread on who the Gophers will hire in 2024? Those are always fun.
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    ESPN's Michael Kim: Les Miles flew in to Twin Cities to meet with U officials

    Unconfirmed source: Les Miles visits Paisley Park Studios.
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    Fleck sighting on Washington and N 3rd Ave. Maybe he stopped for some chops and lapdances? :p
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    Maybe we should start to accept that we are not landing any of the "big three"....

    Maybe we should start to accept that we are not landing any of the "big three".... So I was with some friends at the Wolves/Moscow game - barnburner huh? - we got on the topic of the local big three in this years recruiting class. One of the guys in our group was a Gophers season ticket holder...
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    Drew Wolitarsky is the next Eric Decker.....

    Okay. Maybe not. I know he's a Freshman, but are we going to see him on the field more? You have to have some talent to be California's all-time record holder in career catches and career yardage. Seems like Mitch likes throwing to him as well when he's on the field. In other news, want to...
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    One Month In: A Recruiting Review....

    Found online this morning from Dan Owen and 247Sports. Since Richard Pitino was hired at the beginning of April, there’s undeniably been a buzz amongst Gopher fans towards basketball recruiting that hasn’t been present in quite a while. Certainly the spike in interest has been justified, as...
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    So we might miss out on the "big three" so what...

    I don't get the hysteria around the possibility of losing out on Jones, Vaughn and Reid. Sure, it will be unbelievable to land any of these kids, historical if we land all three but let's be's not going to happen. Jones is as good as gone. Vaughn and Reid are better hopes and more...
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    Is Rodney Williams career going to affect Rashad Vaughns decision?

    Let me state this first, I think Rodney Williams is a great kid, he played hard and I think he's going to do better at the next level. I think it's also great he stayed home. But let's be real, his career as a Gopher was a little bit of a disappointment. I don't fault him for that. Williams...
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    When did Oliver Stone start designing football uniforms? These unis for Maryland are a joke. Not to mention the ones Georgia were rocking over the weekend. It looks like a bad football movie or the XFL is back in business.
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    The Gehrig Scenario.

    I know this might be a huge reach, but something to post about for the fun of it. But could it be we've seen Gray play his last day at QB. Shortell looked amazing on that drive. The difference between the two are night at day. I like Gray a lot. But Shortell looked quicker on the trigger and got...
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    Gopher Helmets.

    I don't remember them being so sparkly last year. Did they add more sparkles? LOL It looks cool though, I like it.
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    Sports Illustrated 2011 College Football Preview. (*fart noise*)

    Well got my issue today in the mail. Opened it up and saw this: - Nebraska Cornhusker on the cover, front and center. - The whole issue is practically an SEC preview, with all the West ranked. (Except Ol Miss, sorry Big Mike.) - They pick Alabama to win it all, as far as I can tell. Now what...
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    Lynx winning = Gophers winning?

    With the new success and renewed interest of the Lynx and womens basketball around here, wonder if any of this will rub off on the Gophers womens program? Could be a nice extra recruiting bonus if used right?
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    2011 Countdown!

    Yes. It's that time of year again, the time when I post a pic of Jessica Alba playing catch with a maroon and gold football half naked on the beach. Lets - go - Gophers!
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    Lindy's 2011 Big Ten Team Preview: Minnesota Golden Gophers
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    ESPN Insider: Kill's timetable...

    Sorry if this has already been posted... from EPSN Insider Rumor Central: Will it take a long time or short time for new coach Jerry Kill to turn Minnesota into a winner. According to this story in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Kill is backtracking slightly. "After spending eight months...
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    U Womens Basketball Recruiting?

    Does this subject get any love around here? Wondering how come the U didn't go after a talented baller like Michelle Young of Woodbury? (who is going to Bradley) Does Borton recruit instate much? Someone needs to get on the phone with Jessica January of Richfield, shes only a Sophomore now, but...
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    Mike Grant is better than Jerry Kill.

    Just saying. If we are going to shoot for small time, might as well be local.

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