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    All Things Isaac Asuma Recruitment Thread (Class of 2024, Minnesota's Top In-State Target)

    Looking at Cherry boxscores it looks like his brother and cousin play varsity as well an 8th grader and 7th grader and putting up decent numbers. Wonder what their prospect levels are. If you get one and they turn out to be pretty good could have a potential pipeline.
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    Wow: Kirk Ciarrocca Takes OC Job at Rutgers

    I hear a guy named Sanford might be available..........😏
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    If Carrington hits just one of those open threes it's a much better feeling I have on ending the half.
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    2022-2023 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    Virginia Tech up 16 on North Carolina.
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    This team is fun on paper, but why does it look so bad? | Gopherhole

    I'll agree to disagree on this one. Am I super happy with Gophers right now! No, but I see talent with freshman and see a good class coming in next year. Also I am in the belief that Fox and Ihnen would've provided alot of value. Show growth this year and bring in an experienced guard once...
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    This team is fun on paper, but why does it look so bad? | Gopherhole

    As an Iowa State fan as well it's tough to compare both teams. Minnesota lost nearly everyone when Johnson got hired ISU returned alot of players. Last year ISU offense was rough to say the least and defense carried us. Year two for OTZ and defense is still there but offense has picked up...
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    At least the third push off on them that hasn't been called
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    SoCal Challenge

    Thiam plays for High Point. Starter for them surprisingly. Was very raw and chaotic for us last year averaging 16pts per game this year. Level of competition so far doesn't look great.
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    2022-2023 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    Some perspective. Louisville loses again to App State and Syracuse currently down 20 to Colgate! For us I think this year will be opposite of last year we will struggle in the non con especially without battle but we will get stronger as the season goes on. Whereas last year we faded!
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    Should be in other games thread but #1 North Carolina in a battle with college of Charleston midway thru second half!
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    Post Game Thread - Gophers Crush Aggies

    Was at game and didn't notice and looked at stats but saw Stapp didn't play today. Anyone know why?
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    Shama: U Treads Water in Football Ticket Sales; attendance will likely be similar and perhaps less than a year ago

    I'm a MNUFC season, Gopher season and 4 pack ISU ticket holder. All of which combined is probably still less than 1 viking season ticket!
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    Eric Curry

    Since Curry was a grad assistant first last year before getting pulled back in to play. Anyone think Johnson will find some capacity for him on his coaching staff this year? Don't even know what he could be eligible for.
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    Curry out tonight with injury per Ryan James
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    All Things 2021 Gophers in the NFL Thread

    Simoni Lawrence playing for Hamilton. Apparently having a long successful career in CFL.
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    Local Recruiting

    Went to the game Saturday cuz I wanted to see Presbyterian. Coach doesn't believe in kicking game. Goes for it on fourth every time, goes for 2, onside kick after every touchdown. In general was a painful game to watch. Like 8 turnovers in the game. Id agree that that league is DIII esque...
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    2020-21 Gopher Transfers - Where Are They Now?

    As a gopher and Cyclone fan I can say its good to still be able to watch Gabe every game but his 3pt shot is still broken. 0-5 last night. Cyclones as a team were 1-20. But he is still an important cog for the cyclones do all the other little things per usual. Him and Penn State transfer...
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    Guess the Ws record for BJs first year.

    Well Penn state is losing by 18 to UMass so that should be a game we can win.
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    Four-star WR Anthony Brown is the Gophers' first commitment in the class of 2023!!! Athletic article about Brown and the amount of pursuit he'll have from teams though he's committed to...
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    How is Matt Campbell doing it? 4 preseason Iowa State?

    Yes, I agree with the majority of this sentiment. Both teams are primed to produce this season. The biggest question mark for both schools is what is the continued success or regression level for either program after this year. Yes it is my desire to join the Big Ten being an AAU school is...

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