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    HS Football Update - sort of

    One of the things that makes ISD 197 unique is St Joes - a HUGE Catholic Grade school - that sends almost all their kids to STA, Cretin, and other private / Catholic high schools. Those kids have never been really in the ISD 197 schools system, but participate extensively in the Mendota Hts/WSP...
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    NCAA Tournament 2022-23

    Officials were clearly not ready to call just a critical game. No consistency in the calls. Especially in the contact with player with the ball. I thought Lobo really held her tongue in the commentary. It was clear she felt it was as poorly officiated as most of us did. By the way I truly mean...
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    As hard as it is not watch the game, I had to turn it off. Broadcast is HORRIBLE. Radio only tonight.
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    Big Ten owes Gopher players an apology

    The field was not safe. It did not impact the game per se - because yes both teams had to deal with it. So yes, it did not decide the game. But that does not change the fact that it was not safe It would be the equivalent of running a chemistry lab if the fume hoods were only working at half...
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    Big Ten owes Gopher players an apology

    For scheduling a bowl game on a completely unsafe field jeopardizing their health and future careers. You can’t play a game on grass 8 weeks after it has gone dormant. Its not firm enough to have these kinds of athletes play on it. I don’t blame a single kid for deciding not to play.
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    The biggest concern I have is how poor the basic fundamental skills are for our younger players. Things like decision making and ability to play come with experience. We don’t have that right now. So a pass from me on that. But we have too many players without the fundamental skills needed to...
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    How does "Coach Prime" get away with this?

    Students in many specialized areas commit to a school because of an instructor/coach not because they are in love with the school. In athletics, media and message boards publicize it. But it happens frequently when a star/beloved physician, musician teacher, engineering instructor, etc leave...
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    All Things 2022 Minnesota High School Football Thread

    A clarification. The MSHSL enrollment number you report is the "gross" up for St Thomas Academy. They take the school population of just boys (actual 9-12 number is 473 boys) and multiple it by 2 (as if they had the same number of girls) to get to the classification number of 946. STA has been...
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    Frankly, the Penn State QB is not stub QB. But he’s got a screen pass, a tight end drag over the middle, a play action square out as his play calls. All very safe QB throws. Where are ours?
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    You’re on National TV. Biggest game of the year. And this is your offense strategy? If you were a high end WR or RB recruit watching, would you even consider the Gophers? I wouldn’t.
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    Offering an equivalent experience

    A bunch of random thoughts. First, I see a tremendous amount of pressure placed on HS kids to "go away to school". From peers, counselors, teachers and sometime even from parents. There is this assumption that going away helps them grow up. So to stay, I believe you need overwhelming reasons...
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    All Things Nolan Winter Recruitment Thread (Class of 2023, Gophers Offered, Son of Trevor)

    Having non athlete kids graduate from college from MN based schools, I have to tell you that there is a serious negative attitude toward any kid who does not "Go Away" for school. It comes from their peers and their college counselors (who want a BIG list of colleges on the program at...
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    What grade do you give Ben Johnson for his first year?

    A big fat D This year should have been about establishing an identity/system and developing players for the future. I think Ben did an OK job on the identity/system but gets a flat out F on developing players. After 6 months of working with the roster, your bench is only able to contribute 1...
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    Parker Fox playing tomorrow?

    Two additions Medical redshirts ONLY apply if 1 - It is a season ending injury 2 - Injury occurs after the 1st day or practice AND before the Mid point game of the season. Obviously, if he played today, his redshirt fails under both #1 and #2.
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    St. Thomas Looking to Buy T&C for New Arena

    As someone who served on the board of a golf club that has very valuable land, these unsolicited offers come along more frequently than one might think. Because the members hold stock in the club, the board has a fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders to investigate offers. Most can be...
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    Ben Johnson on scheduling St. Thomas as opponent: "I think we will stay away from that game"

    It actually goes to a time frame a little later - 2011-13 - when the St Thomas engaged in a lengthy strategic planning process. In that process, a goal was set to have St Thomas become nationally recognized as one of the top ten Catholic Universities in the country. In looking at those...
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    Cole Kramer

    Personally I think he needs to throw that pass 1 out of 10-12 tries. The one time call is not enough for the defense to be honest
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    My only issue is that Kramer HAS to stay in bounds - he can't be trying for extra yards and get pushed out to stop the clock.
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    This isn't going as planned

    I completely believe this. Plus I hate the fact that Coyle allowed Ben to do it rather than a more moderate approach like the Iowa St coach took. A disastrous 2021-22 season - which is what I think is expected on paper - is not going to instill any confidence in the better recruits. I think...
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    Why can't Big Ten teams win the NCAA Tournament?

    Not really. Did you watch how effectively a high post feed with back door cutting work for Loyola? See Illinois to that? Loyola doubling off the corner shooter, and that Illini corner shooter never once went to the hoop backdoor - HUGELY played right into Loyola's hands as the corner guy did...

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