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    Wichita State’s Gregg Marshall punched a player, choked Gophers assistant coach Kyle Lindsted

    Those are two different things, not necessarily related. I'm not excusing Marshall's behavior or saying that he didn't say or do racists things. I said it was terrible. The howling noises thing is obviously way over the line. I was speaking more in general about the expression "get back on...

    Wichita State’s Gregg Marshall punched a player, choked Gophers assistant coach Kyle Lindsted

    Sounds terrible, stunning that a guy like that can make it this far. The "get back on your horse" line though, it seems odd to me that saying that to a Native American is considered racist. It has nothing to do with race, and many cultures have a history of horsemanship.

    SI: Hot Seat Odds: Who will be the First Coach Fired in Each Conference? (Big Ten: 1. Lovie Smith 2/1; 10. Fleck 25/1)

    I take this to mean there is estimated to be a 1/25 chance that Nick Saban makes the move to Minnesota next year.

    Anyone else find themselves more crabby about the season with other games starting up?

    No, I'm not crabby at all, and when people keep saying that I am I really lay into them for bothering me.

    2020 College Football Other Games Thread: Week 1

    I don't plan on watching any games while we are not a part of it. I might get weak at some point and find myself watching anyway, but for now I have no interest.

    How much $ will the U lose due to Covid-19?

    Oh, I don't think it's ever been discussed on this site, but I've heard they were torn out.

    P.J. Fleck discusses postponed 2020 football season with the media

    Occasionally when paddling on one might come to the end of a waterway, or find the way too turbulent for safe passage. At that point you have to portage your vessel before putting the paddles back in and rowing on a renewed journey.

    If football is pushed to spring, does that impact the start of the 2021 traditional fall season?

    If they played in the spring I'd be all right with each division only playing the other teams in it's division, so 6 games. Could throw in a title game between the champs.

    NCAA Ruling Allows D-III St. Thomas to Make Unprecedented Leap to D-I

    You beat me to it. That's my thoughts as well. They did them a favor by kicking them out of the conference like that, I'm sure that was a big factor in getting this waiver. It might have all been set up.
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    All Things 2021 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    He is saying it was a mistake that Larry Joe Bird was ever offered a D1 scholarship.
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    All Things COVID-19 College Football Impact

    The schools will get to make their own final decisions if they decide not to participate. The conference can't make them.
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    Better to win bowl or go 7-5 and lose bowl?

    Ha, good time to revisit this. There does seem to be more national attention and credibility given to the program after beating Auburn. Whether or not our fans are more satisfied beating Wisconsin or Auburn, the kids down south are more impressed by the win over an SEC team.
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    Offensive Tackle

    People are always telling me that I ought to be committed, so I guess I am ready.
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    Reusse Mailbag: Why do you hate Coach Fleck so much?

    Maybe nothing, it depends on what you consider "they key". Some might say finally having a quarterback performing near the top of the Big Ten and a strong passing game overall might have been key. Or that it might at least be debatable. He used the words "of course" to purposefully give no...
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    Gophers receive a commitment from La Porte, Texas DL Albert Regis!

    Wow, you can say that again. That's really amazing.
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    Minnesota Gophers - 2020 NFL Draft

    Bears fan, the family of one of his parents is from Illinois.
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    Gophers receive a commitment from China Spring, Texas OLB D’Marion Alexander

    Nice to see we beat out Baylor, Texas Tech and TCU for a Texas kid. Welcome aboard!

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