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    2022 Transfer Portal Discussion

    In my experience, Insurance Underwriters make the world a better place to live.
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    All Things 2023 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    You play the game with the players who show up. I've seen plenty of indications.
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    Crow has been placed on the endangered species list.
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    Lived overseas during the Pitino era. What went wrong?

    Orlando on his death bed could out coach Pitino.
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    Lived overseas during the Pitino era. What went wrong?

    Pitino was a boy among men, coaching in the BIG.
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    Daniel Ogele committed

    I was hoping for Lew Alcindor but this will work.
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    This isn't going as planned

    Defund the Gopher Basketball Program.
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    Hallman: U of M does a poor job of fully recognizing former Black male and female stars in hoops and other Gopher sports

    Why not symbolically raise jerseys for St. George and Breonna whats her name? After the game we can symbolically march and then burn and loot Dinkytown and/or Stadium Village.
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    Way too Early Prediction of the Starting Lineup in 2016/2017

    PG- Dorsey SG- Coffey SF- Fitzgerald PF- Murphy C - Lynch
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    Is the Recruiting Class of 2015 Make or Break for our Program?

    I thought Coach P. and staff did a good job filling holes with the Class of 2014, and I still don't see them being quite done yet. They brought in a number of future starters, but I wouldn't project any of the 6 playing in the NBA. To make a run in the BIG, IMO you need 2 players good enough to...
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    Way Too Early Prediction of 2015/2016 Starting Lineup

    PG Mason/Top 2015 recruit SG Lofton/Top 2015 recruit SF Top 2015 recruit/Morris PF Alex I./King C Martin/Konate I'm guessing Martin is too good a rebounder to sit. I see him playing larger, not smaller. Alex I. is probably our #1 target, but I see us bringing in two highly regarded wings. I'm...
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    Which new player will have the most impact next season?

    Wally Buggs McNeil Dre Mathieu Malik Smith King Buckles I've included Wally because he was injured much of the season and only played 47 minutes.
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    Do you have a favorite player?

    When I first heard a 7 foot center was coming to Dinkytown, I couldn't wait to see him. First news I received was after Shooter watched the first week of practice and reported EE was head and shoulders the best recruit in the class. Fast forwarding to the Virginia Tech game, Bobby Knight raved...

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