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    Potts and MBS in portal

    Irving wanted to get paid. Oregon has a lot of green$.
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    MSHSL Boys Basketball State Tournament Thread

    Any one know the story on Taison Chatman from Totino? He is an Ohio State signee but just haven't seen or heard as much as you might expect from a big time recruit. You would think that he would be the main offensive scorer, but have not seen any blow up games. I saw he was listed as a MN...
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    Potts and MBS in portal

    12 players in hoops 86 in football, much easier to absorb in football.
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    Henley in portal

    The body language on Henley was bad all year. He didn't seem to care for the team or his teammates. His leaving wasn't at all surprising to me. Henley was a developmental player who received significant minutes only because Minnesota was losing so much. If Fox or Ihnen was healthy Henley...
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    Rob Fornasiere and Todd Oaks were top notch assistant coaches. Ever since they left it has been down hill.
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    Ben Is the Coach - We Need Some Patience

    Evans is linked to be headed to Louisville. It was not about wins and losses it was more about the Benjamin$.
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    2024 Recruiting

    The word on Tessa Johnson from STMA was South Carolina had 25K NIL deal for her. This is what college sports has come to: the creation of the haves and the have nots. Remember when Whalen, Schonrock, McCarville, Bolden, Roysland and Co. made that historic run. Hang on to those memories...
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    When does the seat become hot?

    A poor Big Ten record and not getting the top 22/23 MN recruits signals a hot seat. I would say give her another year and if you don't make a significant improvement it is time to for a change.
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    Eden Prairie Coach

    Context does matter. It was said in an educational context. This coach is not just an X and O guy, but uses athletics to teach life lessons. Maybe he shouldn't have read the n word in the social media post, but for the school district to take 7 weeks to decide what to do is ridiculous. As...
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    B1G Game 2: Gophers visit Iowa (12-10-22)

    No hyperbole here just well thought out analysis.
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    B1G Game 2: Gophers visit Iowa (12-10-22)

    Minnesota has no chance in Iowa City. Iowa is a very good offensive team with a strong inside outside presence. Minnesota won't be able to guard Iowa, especially inside. Minnesota has no inside game and lives and dies on the perimeter. They will die; it will be a blood bath.
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    Shama: State icon Lindsay Whalen, whose Gophers open their season at home November 7 against Western Illinois, is coaching for job security.

    If she/ the program show some improvement then she will eventually be extended. But her past success, or lack of it, would cause most leaders to wait and see. It is alarming that she is missing out on some top instate talent. Recruiting was suppose to be her calling card: Linsey Whalen U of...
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    Linsay Whalen Questionable Coaching Ability

    One argument that is used with Whalen is her lack of coaching experience. To that I would say Dawn Staley. She took the same route as Whalen retiring from the WNBA and becoming a successful head coach immediately at Temple and now with what she has built in South Carolina. I know Temple is...
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    Let me know when you are getting concerned.
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    B1G Game 16: Gophers Visit Nebraska (2-20-22)

    It is one thing to get beat but to get beat without any competitive spirit says a lot about the leadership of this team. But according to Souhan, Whalen's coaching or leadership should not be called into question.
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    STrib: Whalen Works to Rally Gophers After 56 Point Loss

    They should watch the men's team play. A team built on defense and toughness.
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    Lindsay (The Legend) Just Not A Good Coach

    It is interesting that she played for a (Lynx) coach that stressed defense, rebounding, and toughness all the things that her team seems to lack. Our inside play has basically been non-existant in any of those phases since her hire. She has not been able to recruit that big, like McCarville...
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    The opponents formula against the Gophers has been established. Play 94 feet and pressure the heck out of them and wear them down. The CC tape will be looked at by all Big Ten Teams. With that being said, many Big Ten teams don't play that style but will they change it up for the Gophers...

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