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  1. Live in the now


    Agreed. That Michigan team was really good and they beat them soundly. Didn’t go the way of M but that was a solid team all year with plenty of upperclassmen
  2. Live in the now

    Big Ten owes Gopher players an apology

    Let’s just win a few more games and then we can play in a meaningful bowl. See you boys next august. Here’s to hoping the wild make a cup run in the meantime, later haters.
  3. Live in the now

    For those complaining about being in a "cold weather" bowl game...

    I thought that also until I went there for my sisters wedding. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Plenty to see and just the size of the buildings is pretty stunning. I would go back and I also had no desire to see it originally.
  4. Live in the now

    QB Evers to Wisconsin

    This year yes. Last year they were about the same with Minnesota winning the ax and 19 I would say the badgers were better. But it’s been competitive since 2018 which is cool.
  5. Live in the now

    QB Evers to Wisconsin

    Maybe in st Croix county because they all move over here. River falls and Hudson are full of people that want out of the cities. Meet them everyday. Nice people really.
  6. Live in the now

    Jack Henderson commits to Gophers

    I think this is what many have been wanting. Consistent success with decent bowl games and a chance to have a big season every 3-4 years. I can’t see how anyone would have a problem with that. It’s probably never going to be a machine like O$U but outside a few teams nationally who is. 8 wins is...
  7. Live in the now

    QB Evers to Wisconsin

    100 percent true.
  8. Live in the now

    Big Ten not interested in Cal, Stanford, Washington, and Oregon at this time

    I wonder what the end game is for the big 10. How many teams do they plan to add? I just hope the rivalries are preserved. They will probably dick it up for money. Classic.
  9. Live in the now

    Vikings game

    You cared enough to respond. Thx
  10. Live in the now

    Greatest Gopher Collapses at Metrodome

    As pa would say it’s the therapeutic davenport of love.
  11. Live in the now

    Vikings game

    They will not win 2 playoff games. Probably not even one. Last time they won 2 playoff games was 1989. They were torched by the 2 best teams in the nfc currently. That’s a horrible colts team and yep what a comeback but if they are going to go anywhere they should be crushing teams like that...
  12. Live in the now

    QB Evers to Wisconsin

    Couple years don’t make a program. I seriously doubt anyone in Madison is saying “what can we do to be more like Minnesota”. If it’s hockey hell yeah but football I think not.
  13. Live in the now

    QB Evers to Wisconsin

    No possible way that could happen🤣
  14. Live in the now

    QB Evers to Wisconsin

    Are u high, drunk, or both? Wisconsin trying to catch Minnesota in football that’s cute.
  15. Live in the now

    What is your favorite rivalry matchup?

    Ax based on geography. Lots of both fans on the border over here.
  16. Live in the now

    Possible US Bank college bowl names...

    Attic cat snowmobile bowl, Polaris bowl. Frozen sack bowl
  17. Live in the now

    Braelon Oliver (Sr LB) Into the Portal

    The new normal in ncaa fb. Discouraging at a minimum
  18. Live in the now

    Half our Big Ten West opponents will be in year zero

    Could being the operative word. Never easy with this club. They will be in the mix I think.

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