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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread
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    Elijah Hawkins Commits to Gophers!

    YES-- Finally a point that can penetrate, dish and shoot. The gopher's offensive flow will look and be much better than the "lob the ball around offense" we were stuck with the last few years based on some player issues. Ben is starting to put together the pieces. We just need to have patients...
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    Corey Smith commits

    "Alpha Dog"
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    New RB coach McKissic-Luke on RB development; transfer RB Tyler

    No Disrespect but Tyler is a STUD Please.............. He Will Bring IT!!!!!! And so will our other backs. RTB
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    Dennis Evans - Is it time to recommit?

    What are the odds that Evan's recommits to Minnesota
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    Point Guard

    Would a point guard comparable to a Pistol Pete Minnesota or Majic be available? That would be a nice way to start us off.
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    No OL transfers troubles me.

    Purcell - I think he can become a great player with his athletic ability. Not sure where his development is right now.
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    Ben Johnson $

    He's a winner in what I see. And I don't even were glasses anymore. Go get'em BEN.
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    OFFICIAL: Minnesota vs Syracuse in Pinstripe Bowl

    Great location for us to do some recruiting. It would be nice to get some commitments from the state of NY. Enjoy Go Gophers
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    Asa Newsome, Chance Fitzgerald and MarJayvious Moss - GO Minnesota

    Be great to get along with a few more. Is there any stats on these future Gophers?
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    Wisconsin 4-star WR transfer Markus Allen visiting Gophers

    TYREEK HOSKINS - Unleash the beast. He will be good, but we really do need to add another star or 2 at W/R
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    Gophers among favorites to land 4-star 2023 center Dennis Evans

    The secrete agreement that I heard about. Gophers will guarantee to match all NIL offers plus a new SUV. Go Gophers
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    Gophers among favorites to land 4-star 2023 center Dennis Evans

    TCU isn't even a basketball school. It has to be Minnesota - Big Ben - GO BIG - Go Gophers. Dennis, say no to those horn toads, {whatever their name is} and be a Golden Gopher
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    Gophers among favorites to land 4-star 2023 center Dennis Evans

    B1G BROTHER Come to the Twin Cities, play in the BIG and with your best friend. You can BUMP with the KAT. Our team will definitely get to the Big Show and Ben and the coaches are such great people that will develop your skills to further your future for the NBA. We love you and you will...
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    Official 2023 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Another Brown or two and a few more Williiam's signees along with Howard and we will have this year's recruiting almost done. A+ Go Gophers
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    New OL commit

    Santa continues to bring us another nice present. We'll be " Running the Rock again in 2022" Great addition. Dear Santa - Please bring us a LB and WR with similar qualities as Big Chuck
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    Joshua Ola-Joseph to play for AZ Compass for his senior season
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    Official 2022 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Hoskins - Wasn't there a receiver known as superfly back in the day . Check out the speed. 4.25 in 40ydds Thats fast and he can catch it..
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    No more Pitino -- Gophers are Golden with Ben Johnson -Trent Tucker ?

    Is Ben selling it to our young kids. You bet he is. Can't wait till we get the big hall and turn this thing around. Just say YES Minnesota. Would be great having the MN kids stay home. Pitino is gone ... Trent Tucker - Would he be interested in being an assistant coach/Paid Recruiter He...
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    Don't think so -- His story is far from complete at MINNESOTA

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