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    Gophers listed as 13th in FBS for total athletic department debt with $218MM

    Something I've wondered about for some time is what is and is not covered in these athletic department budgets. We're aware that most of the big budget facility builds and upgrades are paid for by donors. But who pays the utilities and maintenance? Does that come from the athletic budget? Also...
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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    Michigan definitely has its problems and has difficulty getting transfers for decades. The problem is Michigan rejects a lot of transfer credits or will only count them as electives. This leads to students needing an extra semester or two in order to graduate. The whole process is also dragged...
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    Jack Wilson commits

    I'm not the best at math, so can you help a guy out and explain how this one player counts as "about 25% of Ben's scholarships in his short tenure"?
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    Funny, Yet Plausible Parent-Coach Interaction

    This is definitely the case. A relative of mine is a school counselor for a public school district in TX. When I ask her what her biggest issues are , she says it's dealing with the parents. Some of kids do have real issues that she can deal with, but some of the parents make it much worse.
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    Nice job by SDSU and their fine coach

    Michigan fans think highly of Dutcher as well. He was the lead recruiter for Juwan Howard back in the day, and they still have a close bond.
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    What Ben Johnson can learn from NCAA Tournament

    Yes, FDU beat Purdue. But does anyone really believe that FDU with all their speed and athletic ability would be able to compete in the grind of the Big Ten regular season?
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    Shooter: People who know say Mike Leach had serious interest in the Gophers job after he was fired in 2009.

    I was very surprised to see Tracy Claeys outcoach Leach in the 2016 Holiday bowl. Of course Leach was impressed enough to hire Claeys as his DC the next year.
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    Michigan fan here. I know some of the angst about this Gopher team is due to the lopsided loss to Michigan. The Wolverines were a poor 3 point shooting team leading up to this game, but shot 55.6% against your Gophers. Some of this may have been due to poor Minnesota defense, but the same...
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    Scott Frost FIRED & Updates on Nebraska Coaching Search Thread

    Wow. He's Urban Meyer without the wins.
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    PJ's record at Minnesota compared to other Gopher coaches

    I'm not sure the different eras are that similar though. Fleck has the advantage of playing in the Big West. Also, the out of conference games were often more competitive back in the day. I pulled up the Gopher 1965 schedule where they went a mediocre looking 5-4-1. They tied USC out in...
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    Minnesota at Michigan State line prediction, MSU opens as 3 point favorites

    I expect MSU will sell out to limit the Gopher running game. And MSU's running game looked good against weak opponents..not so much against Washington. The game may hinge on which QB has the most success, and Thorne is one of those QBs that drive opposing teams nuts by making something out of...
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    Michigan Fans Talking Shit

    Understand that most of the animosity towards Fleck is coming from a small subset of Michigan fans that have ties to Western Michigan and these posters are the one who are still butthurt about Fleck leaving WMU. And the idiot poster who questioned the academics of these 5th and 6th year...
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    Minnesota suffers first road loss of the season 73-60 at Indiana | Gopherhole

    There do seem more coaches who yell and complain than otherwise, but another good coach who always seemed to control his temper was John Beilein.
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    Time Is Running Out: 19 regular-season wins will shag Gophers a NCAA bid

    Looking at it game by game really brings to light what a tough row to hoe lies ahead for the Gophers.
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    College Basketball 2021-2022 Thread

    Well, it won't be Michigan with a loss. Purdue Fort Wayne has Covid issues, so the game is canceled. Btw, like many, I'm impressed with Minnesota's play. Michigan won handily ( 30+ point victories) over Nebraska and Southern Utah before and after their 10 point loss to the Gophers.
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    I could see the game ending up pretty close. I certainly would be surprised if it ended up like Michigan's 102-67 win over Nebraska. Even the color commentator commented how Nebraska looked like they were playing playground basketball at the end. I feel like Minnesota is too disciplined to...
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    Up until about two weeks ago, Michigan was really struggling, and I didn't like their chances in this game. They have played much better the past two games, though, and I expect Michigan to play the role of an unreformed Scrooge and not give Minnesota the win they desire.
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    Minnesota suffers first loss of season 67-75 in Big Ten opener against Michigan State | Gopherhole

    Without more details, this is a nothing burger. I suspect this goes back to his time as an assistant coach, and I can think of scenarios where negative recruiting against Wisconsin wouldn't be considered a problem by anyone but the most fervid badger booster.
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    STrib: Big Ten schools reverse trend with more Black men's basketball coaching hires

    That's a surprise and a real eye opener for me. I didn't realize how few Black coaches there have been recently.
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    Aside from their size and skill, Purdue's ability to hit 3 pointers makes it that much more difficult to defend their bigs.

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