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  1. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    What is your favorite Gopher football memory?

    Randomly bumping into Laurence Maroney at the Purdue game last year with my 8 year old son, who uses Laurence as his primary RB in NCAA Football 2004 on my old PS2. Laurence is my favorite Gopher and my son was THRILLED to meet the real guy!
  2. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    Hastings to Wisconsin

    As if I needed ANOTHER reason to dislike Hastings. In all seriousness, this is great for UW. It'll take a bit, but they'll be hard to handle once he gets his guys in there.
  3. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    How will the Gophers do in the Frozen Four?

    Good thing you're going to be an optimist and correct!
  4. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    NCAA Men's Hockey Tournament Brackets

    Go Fightin' Toothpastes!!
  5. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    2022-23 Gopher Hockey Season

    I understand. And they probably won't. I'm more pointing out the positive side to counterpoint your pretty typical gloom and doom analysis. Fact is, the Gophers are in the most comfortable spot in the country. Literally everyone else in the country is scoreboard watching and hoping someone...
  6. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    2022-23 Gopher Hockey Season

    That's a bigger margin of error than Quin. has. The Gophers these last few games have been dominant. Admittedly, I did not watch the Wisconsin series, and the Gophers stunk the joint up (if it's possible to make the stench worse in Madison). However, after the destruction of PSU and last night's...
  7. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    Best Week 1 Matchups (5. Nebraska at Minnesota)

    That write up does absolutely nothing to make non-Husker or non-Gopher want to watch that game. "Big Ten West football is a joke and we have no idea what to expect from either team next year, but they'll probably suck," is how I read it.
  8. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    BigTen Regular Season Champions Vs. OSU

    I was at 2 Michigan games last year and yes, Portillo kicked the net off everytime the Gophers had strong pressure around the net. The net never came off for Close, so it's not a net/moorings problem.
  9. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    2022-23 Gopher Hockey Season

    Caufield stayed for 2 years. Is Cooley a better prospect or much more needed by the Coyotes than Caufield was Montreal? I think it's more like 50-50 for Cooley.
  10. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    2022-23 Gopher Hockey Season

    I believe they do hang a conference tournament championship banner. Top overall seed is better fir the Gophers than the conference tournament championship. If Michigan slides into spot 2 or 3 in the pair wise, we'd avoid them until the title game if we both advanced that far.
  11. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    Gophers vs Spartans

    Not the cleanest game as far as passing, etc., but the guys are flying around. Fun team to watch. This D corps is what's going to give them a real shot at a title. I know MSU isn't the USSR teams of the 70's, but they can't get anything of a cycle going.
  12. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    #3/1 Gophers vs. #4/4 Huskies

    The Gophers compete level was as high as I've seen in person. They won a lot of puck battles tonight. Fast and feisty. Fun game to be at, especially with a satisfying ending.
  13. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    What is your favorite Gopher memory of 2022?

    Bumping into Laurence Maroney in the concourse at the Purdue game. He was very receptive to my son and I. After that, defending the Axe.
  14. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    Gopher Running Back Mount Rushmore.

    My favorites, not necessarily the best, are; Maroney, Ibrahim, Cobb, Thompson. Barber was terrific, but I just enjoyed watching Cobb slip through a crack in the line I couldn't even see, time and time again.
  15. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    Gophers fans, you can spend Christmas with one current or former Gopher athlete or coach: Who are you choosing and why?

    Would have been Herb Brooks, but obviously that's impossible now. Chatted up Dave Winfield already. I suppose I'd go for Tony Dungy. Such an interesting, positive person. Might seem like a cop-out answer because he's such a big name, but I bet he's got some terrific stories to tell. Otherwise...
  16. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    #3/2 Gophers vs. badgers

    It will NEVER get old watching the Gophers smear the badgers. Hopefully it happens twice this weekend.
  17. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    Love Ya Tanner

    Winner with class and grace. Honestly, what else can you truly ask for in an athlete representing your favorite university? I'm gonna miss him the second he leaves campus.
  18. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    Official 2023 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    I don't know about his football playing abilities, but it sure looks like he has a future replacing Fabio on those sappy romance novel covers.
  19. UncleSam'sMisguidedChild

    Purdue loss looms large

    It's my fault. I chose to attend that game for my game since 2004. I jinxed us.

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