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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    It’s done and over! Move on.
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    the buffaloes are stampeding

    Don’t fret people, Prime Time still has his man Brewster piloting the ship ! 😂
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    Zahir Rainer Commits

    Nice addition! Welcome aboard young man!
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    Our 4 Roster Unknowns

    Where does Clem Haskins rank in your analysis as worst second year Big ten coaches ever?
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    Damn people, We got this , stay positive for shits sake! Go Gophers!
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    Get the Natty

    SKI-U-MAH 💯
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    Jamison Battle heading to Ohio State?

    What happened to him was coaching? Okay. How about he can’t score when defender is in his face. He’s slow. And doesn’t defend at all. And his first season, was that great coaching? I wish him well though.
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    Grace Grocholski Commits to Gophers!

    Welcome aboard! SKI-U-MAH
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    Minnesota Girls Basketball State Championship 2023

    I watched the 4A championship game. Piss poor sportsmanship on Hopkins part for sure. Not all of them, mainly starters. I call it the Ken Novack Jr. syndrome. Hopkins boys did it a few times before. It start’s at the top, coaching. Represent your team,your school,and your community with class.
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    UPDATE: Jasmine Powell Leaves Team: Transfers to Tennessee

    Can’t just be a shooter! Gotta play defense also!
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    Jeter leaving?

    I’ll Trent Tucker if he’s available ?
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    Pitino era is over, start the search now.

    How about Staples, Mn. Native Dave Joerger?
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    Beilein may soon be on the market

    I think Beilein is great coach, but how about Staples,Mn. Native and ex NBA coach Dave Joerger? 45 years old, good teacher of the game. Either one is a good choice.

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