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    Luke Combs getting his Row the Boat and Ski-U-Mah on!!

    One of the biggest current country stars. Check out "Even Though I'm Leaving".
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    Tanner’s NFL Journey

    Who hates Pittsburg?
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    Craig McDonald ...come on down ....

    Think he's a safety. 6'2", 200.
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    CBs in the Portal

    Just need a good meet n greet barbeque this summer.
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    Dylan Wright commits to TCU

    TCU plays Colorado in the first game this fall.
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    The Year of the Pig!

    So is weight.
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    Knuth No Longer with Team

    I remember Mike Grant commenting, when Kramer committed to Gophs, that he was the best QB he had ever coached. Don't know who the comparison guys are/were, but that's worth considering.
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    Carl Eller: I'm enjoying a beautiful spring day here in Minnesota. This is the type of day you dream of all winter.

    Anyone else ever have a chance meeting with Carl at the old M.F. Bank & Co. liquidation store in N.E. MPLS.?
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    Recruiting the South

    Which he learned by listening to Hillary Clinton tapes.
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    Aaron Philo Commits!!!!

    This one is a real puzzler.
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    Dylan Wright

    Wee man rasslin.
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    Potts and MBS in portal

    And he was a PA state champion.
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    Aaron Philo Commits!!!!

    My personal guess is that this will prove to be an even bigger get out of Georgia for PJ and his staff than Rashod Bateman was. And I'm hoping it starts a chain reaction of other Georgia athletes jumping in the Gopher boat.
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    Simon Seidl Commits!

    Very interesting route to the Gopher football program - Simon and his brother Sawyer were adopted from the Democratic Republic of Congo by the Seidl family of Stillwater when they were 3 and 5. Older brother Sawyer was a 4-year starter at RB for Hill Murray, running for over 5,000 yards and 35...
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    Aaron Philo Commits!!!!

    Do we call him Aaron or A-a-ron?
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    Aaron Philo Commits!!!!

    Fantastic info on another "under the radar" commit who should be a great addition to the program. Trust Uncle Eddie. It would be great to renew/expand our GA recruiting success. And I'm really liking the looks of our QB room.
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    Tanner Morgan leads first scoring drive in Hula Bowl

    Or change one vowel to Hola Bowl and play it in Mexico City.
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    Reminder: All-American Bowl today

    Any other production from these two?

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