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    Gophers listed as 13th in FBS for total athletic department debt with $218MM

    What is that debt from? The Athlete’s Village still? What else?
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    Tanner’s NFL Journey

    Not to mention it’d likely get tipped at the line of scrimmage
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    Tanner’s NFL Journey

    Interesting. Thanks for posting. Looks like the other two QBs in the camp are Bryce Perkins who actually played a bit for the Rams and Hunter Johnson who was at one point the highest rated QB recruit in the country but went to Clemson and was always behind Deshaun Watson then Trevor Lawrence...
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    Jack Wilson commits

    Legitimate question. I’ve enjoyed the conversation on this thread. I can see the theory that he’s a big body who’ll help Payne in practice and should be limited to “emergency” minutes in games. But if that’s valuable enough for a scholarship, did any other teams offer him?
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    MSHSL Boys Basketball State Tournament Thread

    Tibbetts looked awesome that game. So quick but seemingly under control. Great looking free throws too
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    MSHSL Boys Basketball State Tournament Thread

    Who is that 22 on Lakeville? Hayden Vaeth or something? Heart and soul for that team
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    Jamison Battle to enter the Transfer Portal

    What is the source of the $230K minimum. That seems shockingly high for each of those schools
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    Jamison Battle to enter the Transfer Portal

    You think he might walk away of his own accord?
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    Treyton Thompson has officially entered the transfer portal

    I was reflecting on this new for a day before opening this thread. Most of my thoughts have been covered by others here, but these were the things I was thinking. This situation stinks. Thompson: -wanted to be a Gopher -kept his commitment from Pitino to Johnson -did what was asked of him...
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    Gophers’ men’s basketball coach Ben Johnson says Mark Coyle ‘has my back’

    “He sees the path and trajectory of where we are going and we have in our program.” I’m curious what Coyle is seeing here. It’s not borne out in wins. It’s certainly not borne out in statistics. Doesn’t really seem to be borne out in recruiting. Is it improvement in the freshmen throughout...
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    Lindsay Whalen Steps Down - Effective Immediately

    I assume he means the MIAC and that’s honestly a question mark to me. Maybe a team like St Scholastica would take a flier on him due to his “AAU connections”. I don’t know…
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    Gonna be a milestone when this thread reaches 100 pages
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    Lindsay Whalen Steps Down - Effective Immediately

    My gut reaction when I first heard the news Whalen was “stepping down” was that it clears a huge hurdle for Coyle to possibly fire Ben Johnson after the B1G tournament. No way he could fire him if he kept Whalen with the way her team was trending. Couple that with the timing (a couple days for...
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    This is exactly what I’ve been thinking. If Coyle could blow us away with a Fleck/Motzko-type hire, great, but at this point I would take any current D1 coach who’s been at his school maybe 3-5 years with some semblance of upward trajectory and a .500 conference record. That’s gotta be a...
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    BREAKING: Mark Coyle and Lindsay Whalen announced today that Whalen will step down as head coach, effective immediately.

    Quite the rant, but I do appreciate hearing the other side. I haven’t followed the women’s hoops to closely. What was “tapegate”?
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    Which Gophers will transfer?

    I shudder to think what Johnson would bring in with three portal spots. More Samuels on this team would not help
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    Is It Realistic to Move On From Johnson This Year?

    Great post. First bolded part: I completely agree. Even last year’s team was easy to root for and provided enough moments where it was like “yeah cool I can see where this is going.” But it’s like the train went completely off the tracks this year and it feels different. Second bolded part...
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    Hallman: Minnesota AD checked our box—he hired a Black coach. Now the question we ask is will Johnson be given the time and support to succeed

    Interesting old thread that got pulled up here. The original post is what has me concerned Coyle won’t fire him until after at least next year. He and Gable will be scared this author- or others in the media (cough Souhan cough)- will write a follow up saying “they didn’t support CBJ and give...
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    BREAKING!!!! Dennis Evans ask for release….

    This. And I’m personally not even asking for like a “tourney every year” type of coach- though that’d be nice. Just some competency. Building a roster that makes sense and some semblance of a team identity. He’s not going to make the tourney next year. So fire him and try with someone else.

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