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  1. GopherRock

    MSU vs PSU on Thanksgiving Friday

    No. Next question.
  2. GopherRock

    MSU vs PSU on Thanksgiving Friday

    The only college game at an NFL stadium that doesn't stink is the Cocktail Party in Jacksonville, and the Cocktail Party was in Jacksonville long before the NFL was.
  3. GopherRock

    HS Football Update - sort of

    The fact that Mayo is now up in 6A means that it will be a neutral field no matter what and will host barring any major complications. If not there, then RCTC.
  4. GopherRock

    U names Ettinger interim president

    So will the Hormel Row of Fame be migrating to the New Brickhouse?
  5. GopherRock

    CBS: Big Ten schools eye stadium improvements in anticipation of hosting future College Football Playoff games

    The new Bills stadium in Orchard Park is open to the elements. I look forward to seeing the first SEC team to be dispatched to the Hoth system for a playoff game.
  6. GopherRock

    Twins/Vikings/Wild/Wolves Championship appearance drought tracker

    Point taken re: years. Still, the broader point remains that Minnesota sports teams only have 7 semifinal appearances in the last 32 years, 4 of which came in a 4 year stretch in the early 2000s.
  7. GopherRock

    Twins/Vikings/Wild/Wolves Championship appearance drought tracker

    On top of that, there have only been 7 appearances by a Minnesota team in the SEMIFINALS since the last title. Vikings NFC Champ 98, 01, 09, 18 Twins ALCS 02 Wild WCF 03 Wolves WCF 05
  8. GopherRock


    The red scum also needed a 21-2 run to get the series back to sea level.
  9. GopherRock

    🏒 🏒 🏒 HOCKEY 🏒 🏒 🏒

    The Gophers demonstrated last night that it's very hard to play ice hockey with both hands wrapped firmly around one's own neck.
  10. GopherRock

    HS Football Update - sort of

    Also, there is no open enrollment/transferring within the Rochester district. You go where the map says you go. This is a big reason why there is so much open enrollment outward to Stewartville, Byron, Pine Island, and Dover-Eyota.
  11. GopherRock

    US Bank Stadium needs $280M in maintenance through 2033

    It does have relevance. It shows how smart the U was to have their only involvement in the Viking Ship be the stadium rental during construction. The "renovation" of Target Center didn't fix anything.
  12. GopherRock

    MSHSL Boys Basketball State Tournament Thread

    The breakdown is 64 in 4A, 64 in 3A, 128 in 2A, and everyone else in A.
  13. GopherRock

    Minnesota Girls Basketball State Championship 2023

    *Disclaimer: I am an alum of STMA HS and was present at The Barn Saturday night, so anything I write comes from that lens. I'm also fairly certain that STMA hadn't beaten Hopkins since joining the Lake Conference until Saturday night. And if they had, it was a long time ago. Game awareness is...
  14. GopherRock

    Gopher and Viking legend Bud Grant dies at age 95

    My most vivid memory of Bud Grant was from Opening Night at the New Brickhouse, September 12, 2009. I think a lot of people there that night didn't know that Bud was a Gopher legend before the pros. Bud was one of the honorary captains that was introduced prior to the coin toss. Jamie read his...
  15. GopherRock

    Radio Network Contract Extended

    Grimm is a solid PBP guy, but he has got to stop whining about referees when he thinks the Gophers have been wronged. He has a habit of losing stretches of game action to said whining. While it's not as big a problem in football, it's a major issue in basketball. Also, the sound quality in FM...
  16. GopherRock

    The craziest 20.9 seconds in Maine HS basketball history. Four lead changes. Two dramatic and 1 layups. And a shot that people will be talking about

    The 3A state title game between DeLaSalle and Washburn ~10 years ago ended in a sequence not unlike this one.
  17. GopherRock

    MSHSL says No to seeding State FB playoffs

    Or move Week 1 of football the week before Labor Day. As for the COVID year that someone mentioned the League supposedly loved: losing the gate and TV revenue for boys basketball and football for 2020 blew a huge hole in the FY21 budget that took a huge amount of hassle to resolve.

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